Neumann Announces High-End MT 48 Audio Interface


Built in partnership with Merging Technologies, the Neumann MT 48 Audio Interface is a new 12x12 USB-C audio interface aimed squarely at professional musicians, engineers, and producers, ensuring pristine sound quality throughout your entire signal chain. This sleek, new interface is purposely built to get the absolute most out of your Neumann gear, from microphones to monitors and headphones, thanks to its specially designed A/D converters that sport an exceptionally impressive 136 dB-A of dynamic range; enough to get every nuance and detail possible out of even the most sensitive microphones Neumann has to offer. A new MIDI Adapter Set pair has also been announced, designed to work with your MT 48 to convert its 1/4" I/O to MIDI 5-pin for a highly compact, all-in-one pro audio nerve center that can handle any project type, big or small.

Neumann MT 48
Neumann MT 48

As Neumann would tell it, the brand's microphones offer incredible signal detail, but often these devices are bottlenecked by lesser equipment that is not properly designed to handle the full resolution provided by Neumann's microphones and speakers. This may be due to lower dynamic range, excessive noise, A/D and D/A conversion losses, insufficient gain, weak headphone amplifiers, sub-par preamps, or further losses due to complicated settings. All of this, and more, is addressed in the elegant new design presented by Neumann and Merging Technologies in the MT 48.

Billed as the "missing link" in this chain, the MT 48 is a true reference interface with two pristine mic/line preamps behind a pair of Neutrik XLR-1/4" combo inputs and two 1/4" line/Hi-Z inputs, which both offer a remarkable 78 dB of gain, ideal for clean, ultra-low-noise recording with condenser, tube, dynamic, and even low-output ribbon mics, as well as electric instruments and most other audio sources. You also get four balanced line outputs on XLR and 1/4" connectors, and two powerful 1/4" headphone outputs with 0.035-ohm outputs, outperforming most external headphone amps, and enough to drive even the best headphones Neumann has to offer, such as the NDH line.

Considering the ever-evolving digital recording landscape, digital connections are extensive to keep up with. Host connection is provided by a dedicated USB-C port. Optical ADAT/S/PDIF TOSLINK ports deliver up to 8-channels of high-resolution, 24-bit / 192 kHz audio, and the MT 48 also offers convenient RAVENNA/AES67 network connection via Ethernet for larger setups.

Two 1/4" jacks are also provided for GPIO and MIDI functionality. With the new Neumann MIDI Adapter Set, you can convert these 1/4" ports to common 5-pin DIN, making it easy to connect your various MIDI gear, such as synthesizers, drum machines, processors, pedals, samplers, and more, to your MT 48, letting it act as a central brain for your entire studio setup. Power is provided via a second USB-C port.

With a unique dual output design, you can record both raw and processed audio streams simultaneously. Use the sophisticated onboard DSP-powered EQ, dynamics, and reverb, or not, or both. The MT 48 is all about options and exceeding limitations.

Of course, all these settings are easily accessible via the bright, high-resolution touchscreen built into the interface. While the MT 48 works great with almost any DAW in use today, it can also handle projects entirely on internal software with an intuitive user interface. No longer is there a need to switch between hardware and software. This easy-to-use accessibility is considered paramount by Neumann, as more and more musicians become their own engineers.

So, there you have it. No more bottlenecks, no more disappointments from your high-end gear. The MT 48 will simply squeeze all the detail you can get out of your Neumann equipment, from input to output. Are you excited to elevate your recording setup to new heights and finally experience the best your studio has to offer? Let us know in the Comments section, below. If you have questions, please call us, chat with us online, or stop by the B&H New York SuperStore.


Anyone know if Neuman uses the same audio circuit chips that everyone else uses?

Hi Patrick - 

The MT 48 was developed in close cooperation with the Swiss manufacturer Merging Technologies, whose high-precision AD converters offer a staggering dynamic range of 136 dB. This gives the MT 48 four times the resolution of comparable audio interfaces.