New DJM-S7 Battle Mixer from Pioneer DJ


DJs who crave a customizable mixer take note: Pioneer DJ is releasing the DJM-S7, a two-channel battle mixer with a bevy of tweakable features and built-in goodies. Use independent pad modes to trigger different effects or manipulations on different channels, send MIDI messages directly to your DJ software to play dynamically with rhythm, and even take advantage of modern connectivity options. With the DJM-S7, you can stream audio to the mixer over Bluetooth, so you can loop, scratch, and affect music straight from your phone!

Pioneer DJ DJM-S7 2-Channel DJ Battle Mixer
Pioneer DJ DJM-S7 2-Channel DJ Battle Mixer

The mixer sports a clearly laid-out interface, with eight large performance pads per channel and independent pad modes, which let you trigger different effects on different channels. Built-in effect levers allow tactile triggering of software FX and the 22 Beat FX from the DJM-S11. You can also take advantage of the new Loop MIDI function to send repeated MIDI messages to your host software in a set beat cycle, so you can create crazy builds and interesting drops.

Speaking of software, the DJM-S7 unlocks Serato DJ Pro and rekordbox Performance mode, so you can use either software to its fullest potential. Load your scratch samples with the tap of a pad from Serato DJ Pro, or take advantage of DVS control in rekordbox.

Moving on to hardware, the DJM-S7 boasts a revamped Magvel Fader. With boosted rigidity, this Magvel Fader Pro lets you scratch with authority and confidence. Another hardware goodie is the inclusion of Bluetooth Streaming. Now you can pair your phone and drop music right into your set from your device. Scratch, loop, or satisfy an audience request right from the Internet if need be.

You can even use Bluetooth as an insurance policy, covering any tech-related computer problems with music until you can sort out what happened. If that ever happened, you'd be grateful not only for the Bluetooth capabilities, but also the built-in cue mixing for previewing stuff in headphones.

All of this is but a smidgeon of the DJM-S7's features. We haven't covered the USB hub, the connection to CDJs and other related gear, or the bevy of connection points. However, we are out of room here—so if you're interested, test drive a DJM-S7 today!

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