New Roland TD-27KV-S Drum Kit Makes a Splash


If ever you needed proof that V-drums are getting closer and closer to the real thing, all you need to do is check out the Roland TD-27KV-S Kit, now available at B&H. With a brain culled from Roland's flagship TD-50 module, the TD-27KV aims to provide realism in tone and feel, delighting any discerning drummer in need of an electric kit, and helping beginners hone their craft with built-in educational tech.  

These are not the V-drums of yore, where everything was connected with TRS cables, only allowing for minimal deviations in expression. No. The 14" snare pad and 18" ride connect via USB cables, thus securing infinitely more in the amount of tonal variation. These connections work in concert with multiple sensors throughout the drums. Now, ghost notes, rim shots, cross sticking, ride pings, gong-style washes, and quick muting all sound more authentic than ever before.

Only the finest in acoustic hardware has been sampled for the brain, with Roland's Prismatic Sound Modeling applied to make these samples come alive as you play them. Furthermore, the TD-27KV is intensely tweakable. You can change anything from snare-wire tension to the virtual positioning of microphones on each drum. If you want to play your own sampled kit, loading samples is as easy as inserting an SD card.

Process sounds through a multitude of effects, including parametric EQs, compressors, transient shapers, delays, reverbs, and more. Then, choose one of many ways to make your sound heard—go analog into the house PA, or multitrack the drums straight to computers over a USB connection. The USB connection also supports MIDI, so you can sync to or trigger other devices.

The TD-27KV may only seem to deliver an expandable V-Kit—a kick, a snare, three toms, a high-hat, two crashes, a ride, and a brain—but it really provides so much more. Built-in Bluetooth streaming, for instance, lets you wirelessly stream music to the module, so you can jam along with your favorite tracks or YouTube lessons. An onboard coach function helps you improve your performance by tracking your progress, and a built-in advanced metronome can help you time, feel, and groove. Also, you can record your playing straight to the brain, so you can hear what you sound like.

If any of this sounds appealing to you, make sure to check one out today at our SuperStore, or peruse the writeup online.

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