Pioneer PLX-1000 Professional Turntable


Pioneer PLX-1000 Pro Turntable

Mix your favorite analog digital vinyl with this new professional-grade turntable from Pioneer. Built on a heavy-mass zinc die-cast chassis with an 8mm-thick resin base and 9mm of vibration dampening, the turntable can deliver at least 4.5 kg/cm of torque and reach a rotational speed of 33 1/3 RPM in just 0.3 seconds. The tone arm uses rubber insulation to minimize howling effects, and the RCA jacks are gold plated to accommodate lower-impedance signals and provide improved sound quality. 


The power and RCA cables are detachable for improved reliability and durability. An integrated Kensington lock allows you to secure the table to your DJ booth. The table has tempo adjustment controls of ±8%, ±16%, and ±50% - as well as a instant reset button that restores a ±0% fixed rotation speed. The turntable comes with a turntable sheet, slip mat, dust cover, head shell, balance weight, sub weight, shell weight, an adapter for EP records, a stereo RCA audio cable, power cord, and a ground wire.