Plug-In to Reason 11, Now Available to All Musicians and for ALL DAWS


Look, we don’t need to tell you about the legendary DAW Reason—it’s one of the oldest, most reliable, and most trustworthy tools for electronic music production. You probably know about its powerful sequencer, rack effects, and excellent soft-synths. So, if we were to announce a new version of Reason 11, we could see why it might not elicit excitement. What is there be to announce? New soft-synths? A higher-quality mix engine? An overhaul to Re-Wire behavior, so that it might better play with your usual DAW?

What if we told you that Reason has abolished Re-Wire entirely to the land of wind and ghosts—that you could now instantiate Reason entirely within your DAW as a plug-in?!? That would be something, wouldn’t it?

Well that’s exactly the headline we’d like to emphasize, with the release of Reason 11. For a long time, the impediment in using Reason has been its communication between the software and the DAW you’d traditionally use for mixing and mastering, such as Logic Pro X or Pro Tools. This isn’t to denigrate previous the previous modality: Re-Wire was a relatively efficient way to route between DAWs.

But now Reason is offered as a Reason Rack Plug-In. Slap it in your DAW, and you can use all of Reason’s beloved instruments and effects in your native habitat. Have you ever wanted to combine Reason and Ableton Live into one powerhouse package? Now you can!

Customize Production Workflow

With the Reason Rack Plug-in, everything can be used in your DAW just like you’d use it in Reason. All the drum machines, complicated synthesizers, and even the complex modular routing can be achieved now in your DAW. The Reason Rack Plug-In can also be expanded using optional Rack Extension plug-ins. All of this is available with Reason 11, which is also a DAW.

Other new features in Reason 11 include workflow updates that make the production process a much more customizable affair. You can easily add curves to your automation, crossfade audio, and draw MIDI into the piano roll like never before. Vertical zoom has been improved and implemented on a per-tack basis.

New effects like the Quartet Chorus Ensemble are on hand, letting you achieve the sound of vintage modulation effects, as well as granular ensembles. New phasers and filters are on hand. New environments. And, all of the mixer effects are now available as rack devices—you can put that famed SSL modelled master buss compressor anywhere in the chain.

Item: Another big piece of news! Reason 11 comes now comes in three different versions: Reason Intro, Reason, and Reason Suite. Reason Suite is an entirely new offering; it gives you all of the rack extensions made by Reason Studios! Various upgrade paths are also available for loyal customers. 

Another item: Propellerhead has retitled itself with a renewed dedication to Reason. The company will now be known as Reason Studios!

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