Professional XLR and USB Icon Streaming Microphones from Earthworks


Impart the revered sound quality of Earthworks microphones to your future podcasts, voice-overs, broadcasts, and livestreams with the Icon (USB) and Icon Pro (XLR) mics, both handmade in the USA for stunning looks, remarkable tone, and low maintenance. Whether you host Internet shows, Twitch your gaming action, or lead countless meetings from home, these microphones can give you the advantage you need to stand out and make an impression.


With the Icon, you’ll get a small-diaphragm USB condenser mic housed in a stainless steel body that’s not only cool on camera, but also sanitization-ready, for peace of mind. Boasting a startlingly fast rise time of just 14 microseconds, the Icon is built to capture every detail of your voice accurately and cleanly. Plus, the ultra-low noise floor means that you need not worry about dealing with bothersome hiss in your recordings. No pop filter? No problem. The Icon features an integral pop filter to reduce plosives from blasts of air when you say things like, “Police in Prospect Park pulled over the perp.” Even if you record in a space lacking acoustic treatment, the Icon’s cardioid polar pattern helps deliver intelligible, focused vocals by rejecting off-axis sound such as your room ambience. On top of all that, the mic provides class-compliant USB, a gain knob with push-to-mute functionality, and an onboard headphone amp for easy operation.

The phantom-powered Icon Pro takes the essence of the Icon and enhances it with even more impressive sonic performance. As mentioned earlier, the Icon Pro has an XLR output in place of the USB out found on the Icon; it’s a perfect companion for an external mic preamp or your existing audio interface.

If you’re ready to go from just getting sound to making it great, visit our website or stop by the B&H SuperStore to learn more about the Earthworks Icon and Icon Pro microphones! If you have any questions or thoughts, share them in the Comments section, below.