Record, Mix, and More with the Zoom LiveTrak L-20 Digital Mixer


When it comes to recording and mixing live shows, conferences, and multi-guest podcasts, there’s a high priority on time and space efficiency. With that in mind, the good folks at Zoom have introduced the LiveTrak L-20, a digital mixer designed for multi-track recording, mixing, and monitoring without taking up an entire table or truck bed. Large enough to house 21 faders, but small enough for one-person transport, the L-20 presents a welcome balance of features, power, and size.

The L-20 has 16 high-gain, low-noise mic preamps with XLR-1/4” combo jacks and two pairs of stereo inputs via 1/4” and RCA jacks. There are stereo XLR master outputs, six independent 1/4” monitor outputs, and a dedicated 1/4” stereo FOH (Front of House) headphone output. Each of the six monitor outputs can be switched between a headphone output and a balanced line-level output, allowing proper driving of headphones or stage monitors. Per-channel fader, solo, mute, select, and rec/play functions allow for quick mixing operations. The first 16 channels feature +48V phantom power (selectable in banks of four), -26 dB pads, and dedicated single-knob compression. Each channel’s SEL button allows you to easily manipulate panning, effects send level, and 3-band EQ plus low cut for any channel. All channels, including the EFX returns and master output, feature 12-segment LED meters.

Import and export projects or audio files via an SD card or flash drive, record up to 20 separate channels and a stereo mix to an SD card, or stream 22 channels of audio at up to 48 kHz via USB to a computer or iOS device running your favorite audio app (even while recording to an SD card). The auto-record function enables a specified decibel level to trigger recording and provides a 2-second “pre-record” capture so you’ll never miss the start of a set. The L-20 sports a metronome to give musicians a stable tempo reference and a built-in slate mic for talkback functionality. It even offers switchable latency adjustment for delay-free overdubbing.

Choose from 20 built-in effects with adjustable parameters and return them to the two dedicated effects channels. Control every aspect of your mix directly on the L-20 or opt for remote mixing on your iOS device via a downloadable app. Quickly store and recall your L-20 configurations via nine scene slots. Support for multiple footswitch functions is offered and easy access to device parameters and project management is provided via a backlit LCD screen and rotary encoder. The LiveTrak L-20 ships with an AC adapter and a USB cable. All you have to do is connect your mics, speakers, and headphones!

For live concerts, studio- and home-based recording, podcasting, or multi-source mixing at conferences or meetings, the L-20 has the versatility to let you spend more time working and less time carting equipment. Make an appearance at the B&H SuperStore or head to our website to check out the LiveTrak L-20!