RØDE Announces Wireless PRO Compact Microphone and Recording System


Another day, another exciting new product announcement from RØDE. Designed to make mobile content creation easier than ever before, Wireless Pro is one of the most compact microphone systems ever, combining state-of-the-art Series IV 2.4 GHz digital transmission with 40 hours of internal memory for an all-in-one recording system that will take your productions to a new plateau.

RØDE Wireless Pro
RØDE Wireless Pro

This dual-channel compact mic system offers excellent flexibility for attaining pristine audio for your content, with forgiving 32-bit floating point recording that lets you recover quality sound from clipped or quiet audio files. Each hybrid clip-on mic/transmitter sports 32GB of storage for safe and reliable backup, ensuring you will never have to lose a take because of wireless problems.

To make things even more convenient, the intelligent GainAssist technology provides automatic gain control along with a safety channel to ensure that audio recorded directly to a camera comes through perfectly. And with the 2.4 GHz transmission sporting 128-bit encryption for secure, stable, and crystal-clear audio at a distance up to 853', you have the freedom to record your content without restrictions.

But that’s not all. To make productions even smoother for the burgeoning content creator, the system comes with advanced timecode capabilities for hassle-free audio synchronization with video in post.

You also get plenty of connectivity and compatibility with vital technologies, so you have as many tools in your arsenal as possible. The Wireless PRO system features universal compatibility with cameras, smartphones, and computers. The locking 3.5mm TRS connectors provide complete security and the system includes automatic plug-in power detection for extended battery life. You also get onboard headphone monitoring on the receiver with a quality TRRS jack and dedicated level control.

Regarding lavalier mics, the Wireless PRO system comes with a huge accessory kit, including a pair of Lavalier II mics, a rugged charging case, furry windshields, easy to use magnetic mounting clips, and cables for connecting to all your devices.

Finally, these Australian-made and designed systems can be easily configured via computer or smartphone using the RØDE Central companion application, letting you change settings, activate and deactivate functions, optimize recordings, and simply get the most out of your Wireless PRO system.

For more information about this new wireless microphone system, including additional features, specs, and highlights, be sure to check out the detailed product page for the RØDE Wireless PRO. Or drop us a line below, and we’ll do our best to answer all your comments and questions.