Scratch, Sweep, and Loop with the Numark Scratch 2-Channel DJ Mixer


For DJs, remixers, and electronic music producers, B&H is pleased to announce the Numark Scratch 2-channel DJ mixer. This powerful mixer continues Numark’s legacy of creative and intuitive products by providing a system that is both optimized for users of Serato DJ Pro and ready for connection to Serato NoiseMap Control Vinyl or CDs (available separately). In fact, Serato DJ Pro with a DVS license is included! With its high signal-to-noise ratio and 24-bit digital sonics, the Scratch is ready to meet the high standards of modern music production.

At first glance, the Scratch looks a lot like a traditional DJ mixer, so you should be able to get comfortable on it within moments. The bottom half presents two vertical faders for channel level, a horizontal Innofader scratch crossfader with two different slopes and a reverse mode, and eight illuminated performance pads. These pads give you convenient access to hot cues, rolls, and samples, thanks to a dedicated pad mode button.

Smack in the middle of the Scratch are six buttons for quick selection of effects including echo, delay, flanger, reverb, and more. Upon choosing an effect, flip the dual paddle launch triggers (one per channel) and twist the FX knob to set the dry/wet blend. Also, both channels feature instant loop capabilities.

The upper portion of the Scratch contains the mixer section, where you can find a line/phono/PC switch, a gain control, and 3-band EQ for each channel. Plus, per-channel filter knobs are provided for instant audio sweeps. Even the mic input is given attention with its own gain and tone controls.

As far as ins and outs are concerned, the Scratch is well stocked. Connect a balanced or unbalanced dynamic microphone to the XLR-1/4" combo mic input, and hook up turntables or media players to the line/phono channel inputs. As you would expect, a USB Type-B port is there for connection to your computer. Master outputs are on balanced 3-pin XLR sockets and unbalanced RCA jacks, and booth outputs are sent to a pair of RCA connectors; dedicated volume controls for the master and booth outputs are side by side at the top of the Scratch’s face. Also, you even get 3.5mm and 1/4" stereo headphone outputs. With all those ports, you can easily hook up all your sources, headphones, and speakers!

Not only does the Scratch give you a commanding creative tool for your DJ setup, but it also includes a helpful bonus—a Prime Loops sound pack, and a two-month subscription to SoundSwitch lighting control software. There’s always more to talk about, so come to the B&H SuperStore or visit our website to learn more!

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