Seymour Duncan Killing Floor High-Gain Boost Pedal


Are you a guitar player looking for something to juice up your pedalboard—perhaps a pedal capable of delivering 34 dB of gain, giving you tone-shaping options, true-bypass, and the ability to drive an amplifier further into stratospheres of overdrive? If so, look no further than this pedal from Seymour Duncan. Though it makes a relatively small footprint on the floor, its tone is in no way diminutive whatsoever.

This stompbox delivers 0 to 34 dB of gain via its large, white knob. Depending on how high you twist it, you can crackle your amp into a more overdriven state, or get a bluesy, slightly distorted sound from the pedal itself. The Killing Floor also features a voicing switch, which can either boost your high end or cut it a little bit, allowing your tone to pierce through the other instruments, or blend nicely into their backdrop—the choice is yours!

A true-bypass switch ensures that when the pedal’s not engaged, your tone is removed from its circuit path altogether. However, if you leave the pedal engaged throughout your set or band-practice, you can impart a little tonal polish upon your overall timbre. However you wish to use this stompbox—either as a subtle boost/tone-shaper, or as something to help your solos scream a little louder—it’s definitely worth considering for your arsenal.