Shure Announces SM58 Limited 50th Anniversary Edition


Every audio engineer on the planet knows that Shure deserves a heap of praise for their stalwart microphones, so if you’re looking for that classic Shure sound in a celebratory package, then B&H has you covered with a limited 50th anniversary edition of the SM58. It’s the same mic you know and love, but now crafted utilizing commemorative materials and topped off with a unique silver finish. When you purchase this mic, you not only get the classic capsule, a corresponding mic clip, and carry-bag, you also receive a certificate of authenticity, a vintage photograph, a bumper sticker, and a decal proudly proclaiming the 50th anniversary of this most lauded of microphones.

If you’re not familiar with the SM58, then you should head over to your nearest concert venue and check it out in action. Its dynamic capsule boasts a frequency response tailor-made for live vocals, giving you a uniform cardioid polar pattern in the process, and thus, focusing the sound right in front of the mic. Its shock-mount system and protective grille minimize both handling noise and vocal pops (that’s how Henry Rollins could hop around stages the world over carrying the same SM58 for twenty years), while its rugged construction ensures a long lifespan (see earlier factoid regarding Henry Rollins).