Shure Announces New GLX-D+ Dual-Band Wireless System with Accessories


As the available bandwidth in the wireless world becomes increasingly crowded, professionals need more and more flexible tools to meet their demands. Shure’s new GLX-D+ Dual-Band Digital Wireless System is well equipped for the task, expanding the original GLX-D system into the 5.8 GHz range.

GLX-D+ Dual-Band Digital Wireless System

The system also offers three different receiver types, an entire ecosystem of accessories, and versatile functionality for applications ranging from installed sound in small venues and live stage performances, to corporate facilities, educational institutions, and houses of worship.

The most crucial feature of this system is surely the dual-band operation. With fully digital audio in either the 2.4 and 5.8 GHz bands, engineers have more freedom to find an ideal bandwidth for transmitting crystal-clear digital audio, free of interference. The system can automatically scan both bands to find the one that offers the highest number of clean channels, and with true-digital diversity, two antennas and two independent receiver modules can work together to reduce RF signal dropouts. While the previous GLX-D system could only operate in the 2.4 GHz range, the new dual-band design provides an additional 125 MHz of bandwidth, increasing the number of potentially open channels in the far less crowded 5.8 GHz range.

In terms of receiver types, three are offered by Shure for this system: The GLXD4+ tabletop receiver with dual fixed antennas, the footswitch-activated GLXD6 guitar pedal receiver that can sit neatly in a pedalboard, and the GLXD4R+ half-rack receiver that supports the greatest number of accessories for installed sound applications. Both the GLXD6 and GLXD4+ can support four transmitters at once (up to 8 in ideal conditions) but the GLXD4R+ can support up to 11 systems (16 in ideal conditions) when used with the GLXD+FM Frequency Manager, making it the ideal option for applications that require a large number of channels.

Besides the Frequency Manager, a host of other optional accessories are available for you to build the optimal wireless setup. Transmitter options include the GLXD1+ bodypack transmitter for lavalier microphones and the GLXD2+ handheld transmitter, available in three classic Shure microphone types: the venerable SM58, the tried-and-true BETA 58, and the BETA87A condenser, which lets vocals shine. The SBC10-904 Single Battery Sled Charger and SBC10-USBC Wall Charger provide alternative options for keeping the transmitter’s SB904 battery charged and ready to go. And for the half-rack receiver, alternate antenna options are available, such as the PA805DB-RSMA Passive Directional Antenna and a 45° Omnidirectional Antenna. A paintable mounting bracket with BNC connector is also offered for mounting your removable antenna, as well as the UA221DB-RSMA Passive Antenna Splitter for splitting an incoming signal into two outgoing signals so two receivers can share a single antenna pair.

The battery has been improved with smart recharge technology for greater convenience. Shure’s new SB904 lithium-ion battery provide up to 12 hours of reliable run time and can be charged directly in the receiver or via USB-C on the handheld microphone or bodypack transmitter. A quick-charge feature allows for 1.5 hours of operation from a mere 15-minute charge, offering a serious lifeline for engineers in a pinch.

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