Shure TwinPlex and DuraPlex Subminiature Mics Defy the Elements


With Shure’s TwinPlex and DuraPlex subminiature 5mm lapel and headset microphones, you can achieve standout sonic performance for theater, stage, broadcast, and film applications without worry of the elements interfering. This winning combination of highly regarded Shure sound quality and ultra-reliable performance in adverse conditions makes these mics a great fit for challenging environments and demanding professionals.

At the core of each TwinPlex mic is a patent-pending dual-diaphragm design, one that ensures naturalistic audio capture with a robust low-end frequency response. The off-axis response of the omnidirectional pattern is also impeccable, ensuring accurate reproduction of vocals, even if the mic is jostled a bit during a dance number.

Shure TwinPlex Series
Shure TwinPlex Series

All TwinPlex models give you sweat- and moisture-resistant caps—a fixed frequency cap on the TL48 and interchangeable frequency caps on the others—that prevent the phenomenon of “sweat-outs,” so you’ll hear no more weird audio hiccups, because moisture won’t seep into the capsules. Great attention has been paid to cabling, as well: you’ll find no kinks in the cabling, not even after a whole run of previews. Plus, there are multiple color choices to accommodate virtually any scenario.

With a super-slim 1.1mm cable, the Lemo-equipped TwinPlex TL45 might be the best fit for the theater, where you must strike a balance between intelligibility, durability, and invisibility; this mic strikes a clandestine appearance indeed. The TL46 (with Lemo or mTQG output) offers a slightly thicker 1.6mm cable with a secondary ground and has high sensitivity that’s quite well suited to loud events, where words must cut through noise.

If you need a TwinPlex mic with connector options for most bodypack transmitters, and numerous color options to boot, the TL47 is your best bet; Shure considers its natural sound signature ideal for nearly any theatrical, broadcast, or musical application where a discreet lav is needed. Since its available cable terminations include Lemo, mTQG, Microdot, XLR, and pigtail, there’s really no limit to its transmitter compatibility.

Working in a medium that is dialogue based, such as film or TV? The TL48 has the same connector options as the TL47, but has been optimized for spoken word, with a tailored midrange perfect for speech and dialogue, and its form factor makes it perfect for concealment on, in, or under wardrobe. If you need a TwinPlex series mic in a headset form factor—one with a durable cable, switchable sides, and a one-knob adjustable boom—the TH53 is a solid choice for theater, as well as corporate and broadcast applications. It comes in three color variants and four cable termination choices for added flexibility.

Shure’s DuraPlex line of waterproof microphones includes the DL4 lavalier and the DH5 headset. Tough, yet lightweight, these omnidirectional mics feature an IP57 rating, which offers a very high level of protection against dust ingress and ensures the mics are waterproof at a depth up to 1m. While these mics inherit features and concepts from the TwinPlex series, they come in at a lower price point.

Shure DL4 lavalier
Shure DL4 lavalier
Shure DH5 headset
Shure DH5 headset

Shure has engineered these mics to deliver a full, neutral sound with high gain before feedback, making them well suited to speech and dialog for events with sound reinforcement. The discreet, 5mm subminiature mic element with four color options (black, cocoa, tan, and white) allows the DL4 lavalier versions to be easily concealed in clothing or costumes. The DH5 headset is available in black, cocoa, and tan and mounts the mic element on a versatile silicone boom pivot system that can be placed on the left or right ear. To compensate for any potential loss of high end when positioning the mic, a presence cap is included that boosts the 10 kHz range about 3 to 4 dB for added clarity and intelligibility­—this is especially helpful when concealing the lav version for film and theatrical work.

Any mic designed to stand up to adverse conditions needs a serious cable, and the advanced, fully paintable, 1.6mm Shure Plex cable is certainly up to the job. The dual-redundant ground in the cable serves as a secondary shield, giving it unprecedented durability and immunity to memory effect and kinks. The headsets and the lavs are available with your choice of LEMO or mTQG (locking TA4F) connectors, allowing you to use the mics with a wide variety of compatible wireless transmitters from Shure and others.

The DH5 headset mics are available in kits with accessories, including a case, foam windscreen, snap-fit windscreen, and a single tie clip. The DL4 kits include all those accessories along with a sticky mount to assist with lavalier placement. For the TwinPlex mics, a variety of accessories are available, including preamps, connectors, mounts, and more.

Both series of mics are sure to be lifesavers, and we’d love to hear stories, in the Comments below, about how they have made your jobs easier.