Sony Announces New MDR-MV1 Reference-Grade Studio Headphones

Sony Announces New MDR-MV1 Reference-Grade Studio Headphones

Sony is announcing a new reference headphone product aimed at the studio professional who grasps the importance of mixing and mastering in immersive, spatial sound formats: the MDR-MV1. Utilizing a dynamic, open-back design, these headphones sport an incredibly wide frequency response, well-balanced, high-resolution drivers, and a stylish, durable frame for pro-level performance that won’t feel uncomfortable after long sessions―and might even make you rethink your studio monitors.


The first feature that most interested buyers might want to learn about is its superb compatibility with immersive mixing techniques. These headphones were designed to perform nearly identically to speaker-based production environments.

To achieve this, Sony chose to use a carefully tuned open-back acoustic structure that does not generate inherent reflections within the housing. This makes the MDR-MV1 ideal for spatial and stereo sound signal processing, because they accurately reproduce the reverberant characteristics of a virtual space without introducing their own reflections, letting you focus only on the character of your signal.

While open-back headphones can sometimes sacrifice bass response, Sony has heavily optimized these headphones with newly developed 40mm HD dynamic driver units that reproduce a rich low-frequency range. Combined with the curved corrugation diaphragm shape and the Tri-duct structure, this allows the MDR-MV1 to achieve a stunningly wide 5 Hz to 80 kHz frequency response.


If you’re going to start mixing on headphones rather than speakers, you need something that won’t tax your ears and your head with clunky, uncomfortable ergonomics. That’s why Sony designed the MDR-MV1 to be extremely comfortable, with a lightweight yet durable frame, soft suede ear-pad material, and a secure fit that provides comfort and breathability for hours of audio production work.

Despite all that comfort, these headphones sacrifice none of the durability expected of professional Sony headphones. High-quality machined aluminum is used in the chassis to ensure these headphones will survive years of use in a variety of production environments.

The detachable cable connects to the left earcup via a secure 3.5mm screw-on connector and terminates in a 1/4" TRS connector. A 1/4" to 3.5mm short adapter cable is included for connecting to wireless microphone receivers and portable audio devices.

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