Sound Devices A20-Mini Wireless Transmitter & 32-Bit Float Recorder


Housed in an ultra-compact and water-resistant form factor for reliable use on set, the Sound Devices A20-Mini is not only a high-performance digital wireless bodypack transmitter with full remote control via a companion mobile app, but also a distortion-free, 32-bit float / 48 kHz audio recorder with 64GB internal storage. As a transmitter, it is compatible with existing A10 digital wireless systems, and it boasts a wide 10 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response, global tuning range (470 to 694 MHz), and 100% digital RF modulation and transmission, making it a premium unit for professional film and television shoots. Recorded mono and RF64 WAV files can be transferred via USB Type-C and even converted or conformed through a companion desktop app to accommodate a range of workflows and user preferences, including 24-bit, custom names, timecode-based trimming, and more.

Sound Devices A20-Mini
Sound Devices A20-Mini

By utilizing 32-bit float technology for its onboard recorder, the A20-Mini is able to capture quiet and loud sounds without compromising dynamic range or audio clarity. Plus, the level of a 32-bit float audio file can be adjusted after the recording for greater flexibility in post-production. GainForward Architecture enables convenient gain staging from the trim controls of an 8-Series mixer or via an A10-RX receiver, so you can easily achieve optimal levels without ever stopping the action. Since the A20-Mini is powered by three AAA batteries or a Sony NP-BX1 battery pack, which can be recharged without removing the NP-BX1, it can hang for long days while ensuring minimal downtime. In addition to having a super-capacitor-powered timecode generator built in, the A20-Mini allows jam syncing via USB Type-C for locking to a camera or dedicated timecode source.

A20-Mini powered by three AAA batteries (Left). A20-Mini powered by a Sony NP-BX1 battery pack (Right)
A20-Mini powered by three AAA batteries (left). A20-Mini powered by a Sony NP-BX1 battery pack (right)

The aforementioned companion app—compatible with iOS, iPadOS, and Android smartphones/tablets with Bluetooth 5.2—has been appropriately dubbed A20-Remote. A 2.4 GHz antenna built into the A20-Mini allows your mobile device to communicate wirelessly and with superb range. This means that you’ll never have to go over to the talent to configure the transmitter. Adjusting RF power and transmit frequency, powering the unit off/on, muting and unmuting the mic audio, starting and stopping recording, and more can all be done remotely with the mobile app’s intuitive user interface.

When it comes to microphones, the A20-Mini can accept mics via its LEMO 3-pin port, a secure and high-quality connection. Thanks to several accessories (available separately), you can be prepped for any situation on location. Equipped with an LTC input for timecode distribution and USB/DC power inputs, the PowerStation-8M is a multi-slot charger that can handle up to eight A20-Minis. For jam syncing individual A20-Minis with external timecode, snag an appropriate timecode cable such as the XL-USBC-BNC (BNC to USB Type-C) or XL-USBC-LEMO (LEMO 5-pin to USB Type-C). When you won’t be using the A20-Mini’s USB Type-C port, cover it with a rubber cap (5-pack) to enhance its resistance to the elements.


By now, it should be obvious how big a deal this is. Somehow, Sound Devices packed a ton of impressive tech into a tiny unit and addressed the demands of experienced professionals without creating a confusing mess. It’s sure to appeal to high-end users, especially those who are already invested in the Sound Devices ecosystem.

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Battery Charging Time
2.5 to 2.7 Hours

Approx. Battery Life

5.2 Hours (Lithium)

4.5 Hours (Rechargeable)


3 Hours (Lithium)

2.8 Hours (Rechargeable)