Sweet and Airy: MA-1000 Signature Series Multi-Pattern Tube Microphone


Looking for a condenser microphone with an inherently sweet and airy sound? Seeking something with a switchable 15 dB pad, bass roll-off, and variable polar patterns? Does the name David Royer, perhaps, mean something to you? If you answered yes to any of the preceding questions, check out this Mojave Audio microphone, designed by the Technical Grammy Award-winning designer himself, and featuring an original NOS 5840 tube, a 251-style capsule, and a custom-designed transformer.

Replete with an included power supply, carrying case, shockmount, and cables, this microphone artfully handles frequencies between 25 Hz to 20 kHz range to deliver sumptuous highs, a present midrange, and an accurate, authoritative bottom end. It can handle SPLs of up to 120 dB (135 dB with the pad engaged) and filter off frequencies below 100 Hz, if that’s your fancy. As such, this mic is more than suitable for vocals, voice-overs, acoustic instruments, pianos, drum overheads, orchestral recording, and more.