Tascam MiniSTUDIOS: Custom Soundset from Robert Dudzic


Take your Podcast, Gaming, and YouTube videos to new dimensions with a custom set of sounds from Hollywood sound-effects guru Robert Dudzic. The custom PON sound set is available for any customers who have purchased the MiniSTUDIO US-42 or US-32 audio interfaces.

Robert Dudzic has been working in the sound design and effects business for more than 26 years. His latest library “RAID” has been featured in movies and trailers including The Gift; Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol; The Boy Next Door; Project Almanac; Blackhat; Terminator: Genesys; Need for Speed; Fantastic 4; Mad Max Fury Road; Gods of Egypt; BATMAN v SUPERMAN; X-MEN; Ninja Turtles 2; Inferno; and many more. He’s also worked with Heavyocity to produce “Damage,” an award-winning sample library released by Native Instruments, as well as other libraries including the Symphobia series, Dystopia. 

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