The ZUM-2 Complete USB Mic Pack for Easy Podcasting and Streaming from Zoom


Start turning out podcasts, new livestreams, and fresh content in no time with the Zoom ZUM-2 Podcast Mic Pack, a complete bundle featuring a broadcast-style USB condenser mic with a custom windscreen, closed-back headphones, a tabletop tripod stand, and a USB cable. Since all components in this mic pack boast Zoom’s high-grade build quality, you can go anywhere with confidence, knowing that they’ll stand up to the trials of traveling here and there. Wherever you work, the ZUM-2 Podcast Mic Pack is a great choice for no-frills podcasts and livestreams.

If you have a Mac or Windows computer, you’re ready to set up the ZUM-2 Podcast Mic Pack. Place the tripod stand on your table and attach the ZUM-2 mic to it. Since the stand is height adjustable, you’ll have no trouble finding the right position. Slip the custom-fitted windscreen over the ZUM-2 to cut down on noise from heavy breaths, vocal pops, and even light wind; those can distract the listener and make it more difficult to get a nice, present sound. Finally, connect the ZUM-2 mic to your computer via the supplied USB cable and open your favorite DAW or streaming program. Simple and stress-free, start to finish.

Although you don’t need any technical expertise to use the mic, a little extra info never hurt anyone. The ZUM-2 mic features a sensitive condenser capsule to deliver clear tone across the entire frequency spectrum, from lows to highs. It utilizes a highly directional polar pattern called supercardioid, which is most responsive to what’s in front of the mic while picking up less sound at the sides and rear. This means that your recordings will have less of the ambience and noise that’s quite common in spaces lacking acoustic treatment.

The ZHP-2 headphones plug straight into the headphone port on the microphone, no adapter needed. Equipped with 40mm neodymium dynamic drivers in closed-back earcups with leatherette earpads, the headphones are made to be comfortable while revealing the details you need to hear in your productions. Plus, the single-sided cable can easily be tossed behind your shoulder, helping you avoid annoying tangles and dangles during recording.

When it’s time to go, the tripod’s lightweight design and folding legs make it easy to stow away in a bag, satchel, or backpack. The mic itself is under 6" tall, so it won’t take much space either. If you really want to do it right, snag a case for the bundle, but that’s not a necessary consideration if you’ll only be recording at home. Zoom is widely known and well regarded in the world of podcasting, so why not let its gear work for you?

Let us know in the Comments section, below, how the ZUM-2 Podcast Mic Pack could get your projects going.