Tweak your Timbre: BOSS CE-2W Waza Craft Special Edition Chorus Pedal


Many guitar players remember their first Boss chorus pedal; for many of us, it was the first chorus pedal we ever owned. Now, Boss has recreated two classic pedals from its chorus line—the CE-1 and CE-2—in one new, special edition.

This stompbox features all-analog circuitry with bucket-brigade delay line, but still, it goes beyond simple recreation. In addition to the sound of the CE-2, the chorus of the CE-1, and the tremolo of the CE-1, the pedal gives you a variable chorus depth control, offering you the ability to tweak your timbre to a greater extent. Further additions include stereo 1/4"outputs. So if stereo chorus is your thing—and if you’ve always wanted the sound of the CE-1 in a stereo form factor—then this pedal will serve you well.