u-He Virtual Instruments and Effects


B&H is excited to now be stocking titles by Berlin-based software developer, u-he, offering a plethora of exciting new virtual instruments and effects plug-ins for Mac and Windows. The company’s flagship instrument, Zebra2, is a modular virtual synth that combines many different types of synthesis with a powerful modulation engine.  You can create any additive, freehand, or spline-based waveform you like, apply a vast selection of spectral effects, morph between those waves, and send them through an assortment of filters. DIVA, an analog-style virtual synth, features oscillators, filters and envelopes that closely model components found in some of the great monophonic and polyphonic synthesizers of yesteryear. What sets DIVA apart from the pack is the authenticity of its sound, using virtual circuit simulators to give it the warmth of a real analog synthesizer. Other instruments from u-he include ACE, a virtual modular synthesis plug-in, Bazille, which combines virtual digital oscillators with analog-style filters and modeled effects, and Hive, a simple yet versatile synth engineered to sound great and be light on your CPU at the same time.

On the effects processing side, Satin is a plug-in that journeys back to the golden age of magnetic tape recording. Aside from the usual qualities that are inherent to magnetic tape, such as hiss, wow, and flutter and saturation, the old noise-reduction systems that were often used for timbral compression effects are also emulated by this software. Presswerk is a powerful analog dynamics simulator with an easy-to-use interface that doesn't emulate famous compressors as many plug-ins do, but rather blends the warmth of classic hardware with features that are only possible in the digital domain. Last but not least, Uhbik is an affordable collection of nine surround-capable effect plug-ins, including EQ, phaser, pitch-shift, tremolo, and more.