Up Close and Personal with the V-Mic D4 Mini Microphone


If you’re a vlogger who churns out online content—or someone who makes fast-paced vérité video with action cameras—ditch the low-quality audio that comes your camera’s microphone and pick up something tailor-made for your purposes: the V-Mic D4 Mini from Deity Microphones. This highly directional microphone makes use of an ingenious offset shockmount design to catch every nuance of your performance while staying out of the shot.

Built to be super compact, the V-Mic D4 Mini nevertheless uses a medium-sized 14mm capsule that captures a much more realistic sound than many mics that make use of tiny capsules down to 6mm. You’ll also find plenty of uses for the included furry windscreen. Since it’s rated to handle winds up to 20 mph, you can rest assured that the audio will come out clear and crisp.

The mic sports an output jack mounted to the side of the capsule, which is the perfect place for DSLR shooters, as it won’t block the eyepiece. You can even use the mic’s 3.5mm input jack to record in “split stereo” to a camera, where you can route the output from a wireless mic receiver alongside the V-Mic D4 Mini’s sound without having to use a cumbersome splitter cable.

Other important things to note include its two detachable 3.5mm audio cables. One is TRS for hooking up the mic to a camera, while the other is TRRS to enable compatibility with smartphones and tablets that have headphone jacks. Whether you shoot with a DSLR or mobile device, the V-Mic D4 Mini needs no batteries because it runs on plug-in power.

All of this comes at a price point you’re definitely going to appreciate.

What else are you looking forward to about the V-Mic D4 Mini? Let us know below in the Comments section.