PTZ Solutions with Canon Optics


Canon, known for producing outstanding images with accurate colors and natural skin tones using its still photo and pro video equipment, also offers a full range of PTZ cameras. These Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras offer exceptional 4K video imaging, smooth movement, and precision control for remote applications. See how Canon PTZ cameras can fulfill your broadcast, educational, corporate, gaming, or house of worship (HOW) needs.

Why Choose PTZ?  

Essentially, PTZ systems enable you to reduce the number of operators you need to cover an event while still getting multicamera coverage, and to capture views that are not readily accessible to a hands-on operator due to safety concerns or space restrictions. They are also a boon for individual creators like vloggers or teachers who can create more dynamic content by switching between preset camera angles and moves.  

PTZ Configuration Example 

A typical PTZ setup for a lecture or a corporate panel might consist of three cameras: one covering the active speaker, a second focused on the next speaker, and a third to capture audience reactions or input. Concerts, plays, sports, and other live events can benefit from the ability to preset shots using the memory functions of your PTZ cameras. See this Essential Components for Creating a PTZ Camera Environment article on the B&H Explora site for additional examples, including a wireless system option.

ISO and Program Recording and Streaming 

The feed from each camera, referred to as “ISO” (isolated), can be recorded to a compatible desktop or laptop computer, to a dedicated recorder, or to a combo recorder/monitor for archiving and/or editing later. When you throw a switcher into the mix, you can save on media and reduce your post-production time by recording just the program feed. 

All-in-One NDI|HX Protocol 

Newtek’s NDI (Network Device Interface) is a popular fast protocol used for PTZ control, PoE (power over Ethernet), and for transmitting broadcast-quality video over a single Ethernet cable. NDI|HX is a high-efficiency version of NDI that uses compression to create lower-bandwidth transmission. To learn more about the powers of NDI, read What You Need to Know About PTZ Camera Networking with NDI.  

CR-N100 4K NDI PTZ Camera

The CR-N100 PTZ camera produces outstanding image quality and is equipped with powerful features and functions in a cost-effective and compact form factor that can easily be placed in a variety of settings. Featuring a Canon 1/2.3" CMOS image sensor capable of 4K UHD video capture at 30 fps, or up to 60 fps in Full HD mode, coupled with a 4K 20x optical zoom lens, the CR-N100 is a versatile tool for that can be utilized in many industries including House of Worship, Education, Broadcast, Corporate, Events and more.

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Flexible Streaming with the CR-N300 4K NDI PTZ Camera

Available in Satin Black or Titanium White, the CR-N300 4K NDI PTZ camera with 20x zoom supports a wide range of streaming protocols, making it a perfect choice for creating and disseminating your video content. PoE+ compatibility, flexible streaming options including NDI|HX and multiple control choices ensure that the CR-N300 can anchor a new installation or fit seamlessly into your existing system. This UHD 4K30 camera is outfitted with a 1/2.3"-type sensor and features sharp focus, thanks to a hybrid of contrast AF and phase-detection AF, even in lower light. 

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CR-N500 Pro 4K NDI PTZ Camera

Step up to the 1" dual-pixel sensor CMOS CR-N500 Pro 4K NDI camera with 15x zoom in Satin Black or Titanium White for optimal visual quality, outstanding image stabilization, pro connectors, and reliable IP streaming at robust rates up to UHD 4K30. Dual-pixel CMOS AF blends imaging and phase-difference AF functions for fast focusing even while panning, tilting, or zooming. The CR-N500’s two Face Detection options (Face Priority and Face Only) maintain focus after your subject leaves the frame (eliminating “hunting” for focus) and enable you to toggle between detected faces. The 25.5 to 382.5mm optical zoom gets you as close to your subjects as you like and the 1.5-lux minimum illumination is ideal for concerts, clubs, and other dimly lit venues.

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CR-N700 Pro 4K HDR Broadcast PTZ Camera

Ideal for high-end broadcasting, television studios, and live events, the CR-N700, available in Satin Black or Titanium White, offers users a bevy of pro features like 12G-SDI connectivity, multiple streaming protocols, ROI (region of interest) cropping, and dual-pixel autofocus with deep learning technology. The CR-N700’s 1"-type CMOS sensor, DIGIC DV7 processor, and its 15x optical zoom plus 30x advanced zoom (HD) combine to produce rich UHD 4K60 4:2:2, 10-bit HDR imagery via 12G-SDI or HDMI and 4K60P over IP.

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FreeD and SRT Compatibility

Two recent protocol updates offer even more options when working with the CR-N300 and the CR-N500: FreeD and SRT. FreeD uses metadata to integrate PTZ cameras into green screen, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) workflows. The popular Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) broadcast protocol uses encryption and “packet” re-transmission and recovery to ensure stable video transmission even when faced with unstable bit rates.

Auto-Tracking Application

Canon’s Auto-Tracking application adds tracking capabilities to CR-N700, CR-N500, and CR-N300 PTZ cameras. Installed directly in the camera, this application eliminates any need for a computer to use the auto-tracking function. The in-camera visual analysis provides excellent tracking capabilities with a variety of framing options, including full-body, upper body, head and shoulders, and more. It also offers speed choices ranging from slow to brisk walking and settings adjustments including Composition, Tracking Sensitivity, and Priority Display Area. Together with the CR-N line cameras’ high-performance pan-and-tilt mechanisms, the Auto-Tracking application produces moves smooth enough for video production.

Auto-Loop Application

Add automatically repeating pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) movements usually performed by camera operators to your video capture using the Auto-Loop application. Suitable for broadcast events, commercial production, and features, this application can be installed directly in CR-N700, CR-N500, and CR-N300 PTZ cameras, negating the need for a computer intermediary. Auto-loop options include a “patrol” motion, a back-and-forth motion visiting specified locations, “position settings” that determine the pause duration for each point, a “route setting” for parameters such as movement speed, and functions like “preview” and “start.” These functions can be configured easily via the settings screen and also include a “fade” mode, which adjusts the acceleration and deceleration of the camera motion, mimicking a pro operator’s control.

Stand up to the Elements with the CR-X300 Outdoor 4K PTZ Camera

Rated IP65, the Titanium white CR-X300 Outdoor 4K PTZ Camera with 20x Zoom stands up to jets of water, condensation, and water spray, making it ideal for weather or traffic monitoring, maritime use, and marine zoology and water park sites. This 4K camera uses a 20x optical zoom, 1/2.3"-type CMOS sensor, and a variable ND filter to capture crisp 6G-SDI-resolution video. It offers IP control and up to 4K30p streaming with the ability to distribute three streams simultaneously. The CR-X300 will function within a temperature range of 5 to 104˚F, in humidity up to 90% and it repels salt, lending it even greater durability in the great outdoors.

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Exceptional Imaging with the CR-X500 Outdoor 4K PTZ Camera

The white CR-X500 Outdoor 4K PTZ Camera with 15x Optical Zoom produces exceptional UHD 4K60p footage using a 1.0"-type sensor, dual DIGIC DV6 processors, and a 15x optical zoom. This IP55 water-resistant camera features fast dual-pixel autofocus and 12G-SDI connectivity that supports up to 4:2:2, 10-bit video. HDR and BT.2020 wide color gamut standards ensure that the CR-X500 sees into shadows and accommodates highlights. Advanced functions include slow panning down to 0.5˚/second and preset movements with individual PTZ speed parameters. 

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Your Basic PTZ Setup 

The basic components of a PTZ system consist of one or more compact cameras in a durable housing; cabling; a wall, ceiling, pole, or tripod mount; and a remote-control option. Control components range from a simple TV remote-like unit to tablet-based software to a joystick and button-based video switcher with multiple video and audio inputs and outputs. Advanced controls include features like a touchscreen panel and multi-view screens. Check out Building Your PTZ Camera Network to see workflows using multiple cameras, audio inputs components, and streaming software. 


The RC-IP1000 is an advanced PTZ controller enabling fast operation of multiple PTZ cameras through a newly developed control interface. Featuring 42 buttons and 14 dials, including assignable buttons, programmable trace operation, and adjustable speed and response controls, this controller helps enable intuitive control of multiple PTZ cameras quickly and easily. With a 7-inch touch panel that provides clear visibility and touch-screen control, showing operation menus and camera video feeds, capability to control up to 200 cameras over IP, and more cutting-edge capabilities, the RC-IP1000 is built for large multi-camera productions. Alternatively, the Canon RC-IP100 Touchscreen PTZ Joystick Controller is a more simplified option to control up to 100 PTZ cameras using your IP network and RS-422 or Canon XC protocols. In addition to a 7" touchscreen, the RC-IP100 controller interface features a joystick and six assignable physical buttons.

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Production Switchers

The popular Blackmagic Design ATEM TV Studio Pro HD Live Production Switcher is an 8-input HD switcher offering mix effects, color correction, chromakeying, graphics overlays, and more for a truly impressive multicamera look. Newtek’s renowned Tricaster series enables you broadcast, stream, and record using their fast, low-latency NDI (Network Digital Interface) protocol with your existing equipment and the latest components. Newtek systems include the portable TriCaster Mini 4K|NDI Base Bundle with Control Surface and the 16-channel TriCaster TC1 Pro with live call connections, virtual sets, and more. The more basic Roland Compact Multicamera bundle lets you switch, record, and stream using up to four cameras. View, switch, and record your content to 2.5" SSDs using the portable Atomos Shogun CONNECT 7" Monitor/Recorder.

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View up to two PTZ feeds simultaneously with the portable SmallHD 1303 HDR 13" Production Monitor or use a monitor like the SWIT 21.5" Quad-Link 4K Production Monitor for a larger multi-view setup. 

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Camera Mounting

PTZ cameras are usually positioned in your space using wall or ceiling mounts like the A-SWD5CA2-CR Pendant Mount, Wall Mount Kit for CR-N500 Camera (Black), or the Pole Mount Kit for CR-N500. The Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 Aluminum Tripod is good for a stationary PTZ, while the Vinten PTZ HD Tripod & Dolly kit is handy for rolling a PTZ camera to various positions around your stage. 

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