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Nikon Ambassador Jerry Ghionis believes that a reflector is just as effective as a flash. But how do you use a reflector? Should you use the white, gold, or silver side? In Part 4 of our Outdoor Portrait Photography Series, join Ghionis on an outdoor photo shoot as he explains how to use a reflector and natural light for high-end portraiture. 0:00 - Using the Environment to Reflect Natural Light 3:56 - Reflector and Natural Light 10:32 - Diffuser Do reflectors and diffusers factor into your photography? Tell us how you use them in the Comments
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The Soft Zoom Reflector from Profoto is a large, adaptable modifier designed for studio photographers working with high-powered strobes. Available in 4- and 6-foot builds, it can produce hard or soft light while working in tandem with ProHead flashes or Profoto monolights. Perfect for fashion, e-commerce, and even portraits, this flexible modifier creates flattering, wrapping light and round, natural-looking catchlights. The Soft Zoom Reflector’s silver lining
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Profoto’s latest light-shaping tools introduce even more creative possibilities to the portable Clic ecosystem. Designed with wedding, event, and other location photographers in mind, the new collection includes a pair of octa softboxes with grids, as well as the Clic Magnum.
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If I had to recommend one accessory to photographers getting started with portraits, it would be a reflector, over and over and over. Cheap—especially by photo-gear standards—and extremely versatile, reflectors are matched only by gaffer tape on the scale of photographic utility. Depending upon your needs, they come in all shapes and sizes, from hulking 5 x7-foot behemoths to dainty
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Adding to its Joe McNally Signature line of products, Lastolite has just released the Ironworks Collapsible Background, a 5 x 7' backdrop that provides photographers and videographers with a unique, industrial-style look for their shoots. Mimicking the look and feel of a hand-painted background, the Ironworks graphic is appealing for portraits, fashion, and product photography and its double-sided design offers added
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Watch Allan Weitz, of B&H Photo, as he takes a quick look at the Luna Folding Beauty Dish. The Luna opens up to a full 27.5" dish that provides the soft, even lighting portrait and beauty photographers expect from a beauty dish, but it folds up into a compact package that is eminently transportable and takes up a tiny amount of space. Whether you use it in the studio or take it on location, the Luna Folding Beauty Dish offers the right