The Sony Cinema Camera Experience


Sony Cinema Line Introduction

Sony’s full-frame cinema line furnishes a range of models for different users that includes the agile, super-compact 4.2K FX3, ideal for solo operation; the lightweight yet full-featured DCI 4K FX6 with pro interfaces; the robust 6K-sensor, full-frame FX9 with dual-base ISOs; and the ultimate pro VENICE 2 6K and 8K models, providing options suitable for all kinds of video content creation.

Why Choose Sony

Since the introduction of the first 24 fps digital film system in 1999, Sony’s Cinema Line cameras continue to evolve, incorporating cutting-edge technology while creating film-like looks. This latest generation of digital cine cameras features innovations like the immersive look of full-frame sensors, wider color gamuts, dual-base ISOs, and extensive dynamic range. Choose Sony CineAlta cameras to bring extraordinary color science, full-frame depth-of-field looks, and a selection of cinematic lenses to your motion picture imaging. The line of Sony cinema cameras ranges from the compact FX3 to the truly cinematic VENICE 2 with both 8K and 6K options.


Designed for individual users, the Sony ILME-FX3 offers full-frame capture in a super-compact, cage-free, mirrorless-sized form with UHD 4K frame rates up to 120 fps and 1080p up to 240 fps, a 10.2MP (effective) sensor for video, and 16-bit raw output.

Sony FX3
Sony FX3
FX3 Advanced Focus
FX3 Advanced Focus

New Cinematic Freedom

The FX3’s advanced autofocus features, an expandable 80-102400 ISO range that handles a range of exposure levels, in-camera stabilization, mobile control, and S-Cinetone compatibility all help solo users create pro-level footage. You can mount a variety of accessories directly on the ultra-compact FX3 form for a streamlined, cage-free rig that is easy to take along almost anywhere and you can add two XLR audio inputs using the detachable top handle. Independent content creators, travel mavens, and event photographers will appreciate the FX3’s ability to capture still images and uninterrupted 4K60 video and to output 16-bit raw video.

Sony FX3 | Hands-on Review

FX3 Is Now Netflix Approved

With firmware version 2.0 out, the Sony FX3, a compact cinema camera, now has all the capabilities required for the “Netflix approved” designation. The reason for this certification was the addition of true timecode sync that uses the newly created VMC-BNCM1 Timecode Adapter Cable, allowing the FX3 to fit more easily into professional workflows, especially in multi-camera environments.

For More Information: Please read our "Sony FX3 Is Now Netflix Approved" article.


Select the compact, lightweight Sony ILME-FX6 for DCI full-frame 4K60 10.2MP, 15+ stops of dynamic range, S-Cinetone gamma, a compact form, and multiple autofocus modes.

Sony FX6
Sony FX6
Compact, lightweight Sony FX6
Compact, lightweight Sony FX6

Cinematic Expression with Full-Frame Creativity

Designed with “grab-and-go” mobility in mind, the compact and lightweight FX6 will appeal to documentary and indie feature or series creators, either as your main camera or—thanks to key shared features such as DCI 4K60 capture, HLG gamma, and a variable ND filter—as a “B” camera, drone, or gimbal unit companion to your FX9 or VENICE “A” camera. Pro FX6 features include an SDI video output, a time-saving quick menu, 16-bit raw video output, Wi-Fi connectivity, and dual XLR audio inputs. Record 10-bit 4:2:2 X-AVC I video at rates up to 4K 120p to efficient CFexpress Type A cards or to widely available SD cards. Multiple autofocus options and quick switching to manual focus let operators instantly select whichever method suits the current action.

Sony FX6 | Hands-on Review


The modular Sony PXW-FX9 offers up to full-frame DCI 4K60 video capture using ergonomic, professional controls with quick menus for efficient on-the-go capture. FX9 features include built-in ND filters, BNC connectors, high-speed capture up to 120 fps, and 3D LUT importing.

Sony FX9
Sony FX9
6K Full-Frame Sony FX9
6K Full-Frame Sony FX9

Create expressive features, television shows, and commercials with high-resolution, full-frame DCI 4K30, oversampled Super 35 UHD 4K60, or full-frame 1080p video at up to 120 fps using the modular Sony FX9. Dual-native 800 and 4000 ISO bases let the FX9 shine at low-light capture, and its ability to import up to 16 LUTs enables you to customize your look. Incredibly nuanced details are revealed by its back-illuminated 6K sensor and 15+ stops of dynamic range, whether you’re internally recording 4:2:2 10-bit video or outputting 16-bit raw using the optional XDCA-F9 external recorder. Dual HDR/SDR support enables you to shoot for HDR while also preparing an SDR version of your content. Choose HLG gamma for a fast, ready-to-view workflow or opt for S-Log3 when you want the freedom to grade for a specific look in.


Sony FX9, left side

Sony FX9, left side

Discover Full-Frame Creativity

Sony FX9 | First Look

Which Sony Cinema Camera is Right for You?

Sony FX Line Comparison


Sony FX3

Sony FX6

Sony FX9

Sensor Type Full-Frame CMOS,  BSI Full-Frame CMOS, BSI 6K Full-Frame CMOS, BSI
Effective Sensor Resolution 10.2MP 10.2MP 19MP
Maximum Internal Recording Rates UHD 4K120, 1080p 240

DCI 4K 60, UHD 4K 120,
1080p 240

Full Frame DCI 4K 60,
Full Frame DCI 2K 180,
Super 35 UHD 4K 120,
Super 16 DCI 2K 180,
Super 35 1080p 150 

16-Bit Raw Output Up to 4.2K Up to DCI 4K Up to DCI 4K
Video Output Port(s) HDMI SDI, HDMI SDI, HDMI
Internal ND Filters No Yes Yes
Timecode Yes Yes, BNC In/Out Yes, BNC In/Out
ISO Range 800-12800, Expandable 800-12800, Expandable Dual-Base 800/4000, Expandable
3D LUT Support No Yes Yes
Dual HDR/SDR Support No No Yes
Media 2 x CFexpress/SD Slots 2 x CFexpress/SD Slots 2 x XQD Slots
File Formats XAVC HS, XAVC S, XAVC S-I XAVC Intra, XAVC Long

XAVC Intra, XAVC Long
MPEG-2 Long GOP 

Dual XLR Inputs Yes, via Handle Yes, via Handle Yes, on Body


The VENICE 2 is Sony’s latest iteration of its full-frame, digital cinema camera flagship. The VENICE 2’s unique design offers interchangeable 8K and 6K-resolution sensor options plus the ability to use the original VENICE’s 6K sensor in the VENICE 2. A removable, industry-standard ARRI PL mount is built over a Sony E-mount on the VENICE 2, letting you choose from an incredibly wide selection of cine-style lenses.

Sony VENICE 2 8K

Sony VENICE 2 8K

Exceptional, film-like image quality, dual-base ISOs, an array of resolutions and frame rates, and ergonomic controls with easy-to-navigate menus are all hallmarks of Sony’s top-of-the line VENICE 2 digital cinema camera. The 8K VENICE 2 captures 16-bit X-OCN XT raw internally at rates up to 8.6K30 or 8.2K60 using dual ASX card slots. For higher frame rates opt for the 6K VENICE which offers up to 6K60 raw capture; both versions also capture up to DCI 4K60 via Apple ProRes 422 HQ or ProRes 4444. Supported formats include full-frame 2.39:1 widescreen, 2x Super35 anamorphic, and 16:9 and 17:9 Super35.

A removable, industry-standard ARRI PL mount is built over an active Sony E-mount on the VENICE 2, giving you access to an incredibly wide selection of cine-style lenses. The PL mount supports both with Cooke /i and Zeiss eXtended metadata transfer for VFX, motion control, VR, and shot duplication.



The lens block of VENICE and VENICE 2 6K cameras can be separated from the main camera body using the optional CBK-3610XS Rialto Extension System, so that your stabilizer, gimbal, aerial, underwater, and cramped location shots can capture the same top-notch images as your A camera. This extension system separates the sensor block from the camera body using up to two 9' cables that can be combined for a total distance of 18'. Note that an extension system compatible with the 8K sensor block is planned for release in early 2023.

Dual-base ISOs of 800/3200 (8K) and 2500/500 (6K) provide up to 16+/15+ stops of dynamic range, respectively, enabling the VENICE 2 to deliver stunning images in conditions ranging from extremely low light to blazing sunlight. The VENICE 2’s internal ND filter settings range from ND0.3 to ND2.4, offering a total 8-stop range that can even be controlled remotely. With a color range that is larger than BT.2020, the VENICE 2 reproduces color beautifully, and a fast sensor readout greatly minimizes rolling shutter effects.

Emotion in Every Frame

Product Feature of VENICE 2 | Sony | CineAlta

Sony Cinema Features


Derived from the cinematic Sony VENICE color science, the S-Cinetone picture profile creates a cinematic look tailored for your video workflow that can be displayed straight out of your camera. S-Cineone produces natural skin tones, detailed contrast, and film-like colors, both for your monitoring output and for a finished product that does not need extensive post-production tweaking.


Unlike S-Cinetone, S-Log3 is a gamma curve choice for shooting that is designed to be graded in post. This latest version of Sony’s S-Log improves lower-light capture, “seeing” into shadows and mid-tone ranges with more nuance than the earlier S-Log2. Use an S-Gamut (color space) like S-Gamut3 or S-Gamut.Cine with your S-Log footage to retain the maximum image information for creating the desired look in post.

S-Log3 Gamma
Fast Hybrid Autofocus

By combining the speed of phase-detection autofocus and the accuracy of contrast-detection autofocus, Sony’s Fast Hybrid AF delivers fast, precise focusing, even when focusing on subjects in motion. Especially helpful for solo shooters, the Fast Hybrid AF features are available when using select Sony lenses.

Fast hybrid autofocus
Internal ND Filters

Billed as the first electronically variable ND filter for full-frame sensors, Sony’s ND system offers manual and automatic adjustment, ensuring that your depth of field or shutter angle remains constant when moving from inside to outdoors or in changing lighting conditions. The FX6 and FX9 feature seven stops, from ND0.6 to ND2.1 (1/4 to 1/128), with two to seven stops of light reduction, while the VENICE 2 offers an impressive 1/2 to 8-stop range: ND0.3 to ND2.4 (1/2 to 1/256).

Internal ND Filters

Cinema Lenses

Dipping a toe into the cinema lens market, Sony now offers the FE C 16-35mm T3.1 G E-Mount zoom lens, with two more lenses to follow. The full-frame FE C 16-35mm combines the manual-focus ability, captivating bokeh, 0.8-MOD gearing for FIZ systems, and precision optics of a cine-style lens with the E-mount autofocus features and servo control options of an ENG-style zoom. Explore Sony’s robust, multi-tiered collection of E-mount lenses here.

Sony FE C16-35mm Zoom
Sony FE C16-35mm Zoom

Key Accessories

Start rounding out your Sony cinema camera package with accessories like a single or 3-pack of 1TB AXS S66 memory cards for the VENICE 2, several 120GB G Series XQD cards for the FX9, or a 2-pack of 160GB CFexpress Type A cards for the FX6 or FX3.

Power options for cine camera series include the NPA-MQZ1K battery adapter kit for the FX6, the BP-U100 battery for the FX6, the BC-U1A charger compatible with select FX9 batteries, and the BP-FL75 12.8V V-Mount battery for the VENICE 2.

Pro audio options for your cinema rig include the UWP-D21 Wireless Lavalier Set—one of a series of Sony wireless mic systems with receivers that mount directly on your camera.