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Sony has developed one of the most robust lens lineups available to photographers and videographers. Pioneers in the mirrorless revolution, Sony’s E-mount system has matured into a multi-tiered collection of lenses that offers something for everyone, whether you just bought your first camera or are a seasoned veteran. Prized for their optical excellence, Sony lenses can be found on the front of cameras used by some of the leading talents in the photo and video world.

David Burnett

A photo journalist, author and co-founder of the Contact Press Images Photo Agency and a Sony Artisan of Imagery, Burnett has worked in over 70 countries, including Chile, Iran, Ethiopia, Haiti and the former Soviet Union over the course of his career. The winner of the 1973 Robert Capa Gold Medal and the 1979 World Press Photo Premier Award, he has covered every Summer Olympics from 1984 to 2012.

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Eli Reed

A creator of compelling photographs around the globe for over five decades, Reed is a member of the prestigious Magnum Photos. His work as a photojournalist humanizes conflicts abroad as well as social issues back home in the States. Reed has also worked as a stills photographer on numerous Hollywood productions. He is currently a clinical professor at the University of Texas at Austin School of Journalism.

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Nancy Borowick

An internationally renowned photographer, author, teacher and speaker who engages with audiences via more than 50 speaking engagements annually, Borowick’s work capturing intimate, international stories for The New York Times has won major awards such as World Press Photo, Pictures of the Year International and the 2018 Humanitarian Award for the photographs in her monograph, The Family Imprint.

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Ira Block

A master of photographing landscapes, people, artifacts and complicated concepts. Best known for his cultural documentary work, Block documents people and changes in traditions over time. He has produced over 30 stories for National Geographic magazine and led photo expeditions and private workshops to Mongolia, Bhutan, Cuba and Tibet, where he teaches students about culture and photographic vision.

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Jeff Berlin

One of the first Sony Artisans, Jeff Berlin plays many creative roles: photographer, editor, director, to director of photography and pilot. For Berlin, shooting on location can mean being strapped into an aircraft thousands of feet in the air or acquiring a scuba license to produce a fashion film in the Pacific. His portfolio consists of fashion, rodeo, portrait, aircraft, underwater and travel photography.

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Sony Lens Series

During development of all their lenses Sony has arranged their lenses into different series. While all superb and featuring outstanding optics, different series indicate specific feature sets or designs as well as the user types to which they are best suited.

G Master

Sony’s top of the line, G Master lenses showcase the highest resolution, smoothest bokeh, and most robust construction details to match their flagship camera bodies. Spanning a wide range of focal lengths and emphasizing speed, G Master lenses also make use of the most refined optical and focusing technologies available to cater to the most discerning photographers and to fit the most demanding of applications.


Sony's second tier in lens design, these lenses balance optical excellence with more compact and modest designs compared to G Master lenses. Covering a versatile range of focal lengths, and comprised of both zooms and primes, G lenses represent an ideal blend of speed and size for high quality everyday shooting needs.


Made in collaboration with ZEISS, these lenses blend Sony's manufacturing with optical designs and construction details from the legendary German optics manufacturer. Utilizing specialized low dispersion glasses and their famous T* anti-reflective coating, these lenses offer a characteristic quality along with distinct physical designs and focal lengths.


Outside of the specialized lens series designations, Sony produces a wide range of additional lenses to suit nearly any shooting need, from landscape to portraiture to wildlife, and are suitable for use on their expansive lineup of camera types, from the flagship pro bodies to the compact carry-everywhere cameras.

Wide-Angle LensesTelephoto LensesNormal LensesCine Lenses

Wide-angle lenses offer a broader, more expansive field of view than your own vision, making them perfect for capturing more of a scene or for working in tighter locations. Commonly associated with landscape, street, documentary, architecture, interior, and astrophotography applications, these lenses are great for fast-paced shooting, expansive depth of field, and spontaneous shooting. Comprising focal lengths from 35mm and wider, Sony offers a broad range of wide-angle primes and zooms.

Normal-length lenses are those focal lengths that match up with your natural vision, as well as zooms that span an everyday working range. Seemingly non-specialized, normal-length lenses are immensely versatile and are commonly used for a wide range of shooting applications, from fashion to landscape to portraiture to sports. These are the lenses photographers reach for when seeking out a natural perspective with a strong emphasis on the subject.

Spanning from portrait length to super-telephoto, Sony’s lineup of telephoto lenses includes a broad range of focal lengths in both prime and zoom designs. Perfect for sports, wildlife, and action shooting, as well as fashion, headshots, portraiture, and even landscapes, telephoto lenses allow you to be specific with your framing and isolate subject matter from greater working distances. These are also the lenses with some of the most sophisticated optics and physical designs, helping to achieve sharp and clear imagery from distance.

As a leader in the cine world with their camera designs, Sony also features a range of cine-optimized lenses with purpose-built designs for production use. Incorporating technologies such as servo-controlled zoom, Smooth Motion Optics, and integrated manual focus gears, these lenses are designed specifically for the rigors of video use while optically matching with the quality associated with Sony’s line of photography-intended lenses.