Back to School: The Top 5 Interactive Whiteboard Solutions for Schools


The new school year is right around the corner, and there’s no better time to take your classrooms into the 21st Century by replacing that dusty, chalk-stained slab of slate at the front of the room with an interactive whiteboard solution. There are a lot to choose from, but hopefully this list will help you narrow it down.


Epson’s BrightLink series of short- and ultra-short-throw interactive projectors make a good choice for educational use. The 710Ui, for example, uses a laser light source to output up to 4000 lumens of brightness, with image sizes up to 100", making it suitable for use in most classroom settings. With its 0.22 to 0.44:1 throw ratio, you can use the included wall mount to install the 720Ui directly above your screen or whiteboard to virtually eliminate the possibility of shadows being cast onto the screen when projecting, and protect the teacher’s eyesight in the process. Two interactive pens are also included to jump-start the learning process.

Epson BrightLink 710Ui Interactive Projector

The ViewSonic PS750HD might be better for larger classrooms, as it can project images up to 120” from just 9” from your screen or whiteboard; with its 3000-lumen output, though, it’s a bit more susceptible to room lighting. In addition to the wall mount and two interactive pens, it includes vBoard interactive software, which enables you to write on, highlight, edit, and otherwise manipulate documents and images in real time. Additionally, it features a PortAll compartment that hides an MHL/HDMI port and an integrated micro-USB cable for discreetly connecting and streaming from various devices.

ViewSonic PS750HD Interactive Projector

Maxell has some offerings available, as well, like the MC-TW3506, which sports 3700-lumen brightness output with a 1280 x 800 native resolution and an ultra-short 0.3:1 throw ratio, which can project images up to 100" while wall-mounted just 27" from your screen. Two interactive pens are included for out-of-the-box whiteboard operation.

Maxell MC-TW3506 3700-Lumen WXGA Ultra-Short Throw Interactive 3LCD Projector


The 10-point touch functionality of the 80" Sharp AQUOS BOARD allows up to four people to write on it at the same time using their fingers or touch pens thanks to IR touchscreen technology. One pen is included and its settings and functions can be adjusted via the Pen Software user interface Handwriting recognition allows the AQUOS BOARD to convert handwritten notes into standard text to provide a neater look.

Sharp AQUOS BOARD PN-C805B Interactive Display System

Ricoh’s 65" D6500 lets you use your own educational applications, allowing for simplified integration into a school or university that requires use of their own proprietary software. It lets teachers and students annotate, draw, paint, and more, and can even save annotations for future sharing.

Ricoh D6500 65" Interactive Flat Panel Display

What do you think is right for your school or classroom, a projector or all-in-one display? Are there any other features you’re looking for in an interactive whiteboard solution? Let us know in the Comments section, below!

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