Show Us Your Shot: Deadly Revisions


In this segment of Show Us Your Shot, Gregory Blair pays homage to indie horror filmmakers, creating a disorienting feeling without the use of high-tech effects, CGI, or jibs and cranes.

Deadly Revisions is a psychological thriller that pays homage to several horror films and filmmakers. In this scene, we wanted to give a loving nod to Sam Raimi and the Evil Dead films. The scene involves Bill Oberst Jr. as Grafton Torn—a horror-film writer with amnesia, haunted by nightmares—who is having a sort of breakdown/hallucination moment. We couldn’t afford jibs or cranes—just an old school, clunky dolly. But I think we pulled off the scene in a low-budget way that echoes Raimi’s fun style.”

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Gregory Blair's Bio

A native Southern Californian, Gregory Blair has been active in the arts for many years, as an actor, writer, director, and producer. He has earned multiple awards in all these roles, including a Geoffrey Award (Best Character Actor); a Claw Award (Best Screenplay: Deadly Revisions); a Flicker Award (Best Picture: Deadly Revisions); as well as two handfuls of awards for Garden Party Massacre, including Best Feature from the Fantastic Horror Film Festival; and Best Director of the Year from the Southern Sykos Film Festival.