90mm Macro Lenses and Mount Adapters from DZOFilm


DZOFilm’s commitment to filmmaking with its VESPID line of full-frame cinema lenses is exemplified by the company’s 90mm macro lens, as well as the variety of mount adapters. The 90mm macro lens is able to reproduce a 1:1 object to image size on sensor ratio with full-frame sensors, making it a true macro lens. Available in either PL or EF mount, the lens features an 80mm front and gear positions consistent with other lenses in the VESPID series, so going in for the macro shot doesn’t cause a huge disruption to your shooting style, and provides a look that is consistent with the other VESPID lenses.

DZOFilm VESPID 90mm macro T2.8 Lens

For those shooting with a camera that does not have either a PL or EF mount, not to worry; DZOFilm has you covered with its PL lens mount adapters. Delivering the same high-quality optical and mechanical precision that DZOFilm lenses are known for, the adapters maintain your lens’s infinity focus, have a support foot, and have internal flocking to prevent reflections that can reduce the quality of your images. The adapter will enable PL mount lenses to work with cameras that have Canon RF, FUJIFILM X, Sony E, and Leica L lens mounts.

Check out the VESPID line of lenses and all the offerings from DZOFilm, which are suitable for productions ranging from high-end to indie productions. And share with us any thoughts or questions in the Comments section, below.