A New YUNEEC FPV Solution: The Typhoon SkyView L Headset


Like to sit in the pilot’s seat? The new YUNEEC Typhoon SkyView L Headset lets you do just that! Using an integrated 5" 720p LCD, the SkyView L can take advantage of the HD transmission coming from the Typhoon H or Tornado H920 drones, for crisp details and an immersive flying experience. What’s more, this headset communicates wirelessly with the ST16 and ST24S transmitters/controllers, so no dangling wires to deal with during your flight.

In addition to adding FPV capabilities to the Typhoon H or Tornado H920, the SkyView L can also act as a virtual movie theater. Plug in an HDMI source, be it a Blu-ray player, computer, or game system, plug in your favorite headphones, put on the SkyView, and enjoy your media like never before. The HDMI connection also allows for connecting to third-party video receivers, enabling FPV for other drones, as well.

While most of the cool features are on the inside, YUNEEC designed the SkyView L with a sleek modern appearance, and the thick adjustable headband will provide a comfortable fit for long flying or viewing sessions.

The YUNEEC Typhoon SkyView L Headset is slated to be available soon, so be sure check the SuperStore website listing for the latest updates in availability and purchasing options.