Announcing Leitz Full-Frame ELSIE Cine Lenses

Announcing Leitz Full-Frame ELSIE Cine Lenses

Bring the sweet allure of Leitz lenses to your full-frame cine footage using the new Leitz ELSIE Cine Prime Lenses. This group of LPL-mount premium lenses was created expressly for use with digital cinema cameras yet retains the renowned painterly characteristics of the Leica M line. Named in honor of Elsie Kuhn-Leitz, the daughter of Ernst Leitz II, the ELSIEs use a subtle fall-off in resolution and illumination to draw the viewer’s attention to the center of your frame.

Leitz Cine ELSIE T2.1 25mm

Compatible, of course, with the ARRI ALEXA LF and ALEXA Mini LF, the ELSIE primes also work with full-frame cameras like the Sony VENICE, the Sony FX6, and the RED MONSTRO VV which can use a PL to LPL adapter. This 13-lens set has you covered with focal lengths ranging from 15 to 150mm, each of which sports a 46.5mm image circle and a maximum T2.1 aperture. The new bokeh design was developed with Leica Camera input and features an aesthetic, noticeable look. Cine-style features include ARRI LDS-2 and Cooke /i lens data transmission, a rear net holder for creating custom diffusion, and reversible focus scales in feet and meters. The 0.8MOD focus and iris gears are located consistently across the lens range, helping to speed lens changes when working with matte boxes and lens gears.

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