Atomos Firmware Update: HDR Functionality for Shogun and Ninja


If you’ve been worried that the advent of HDR would leave your Atomos Shogun, Ninja Assassin, Samurai Blade, or Ninja Blade monitor/recorders behind, worry no more. AtomOS6.6 firmware for the Shogun/Assassin and 5.2 for the Samurai Blade and Ninja Blade expands not only the display capabilities of your device, but the new HDR tools bring a new level of confidence to working with High Dynamic Range footage. This firmware update is available as a free download, but the capabilities will only increase the value and usefulness of your gear.

With the new firmware, your Shogun/Assassin and Samurai/Ninja Blade units will be able to support and display Log output from Sony, Canon, RED, Panasonic, JVC, and ARRI. However, not only can your device display this HDR and log footage on a REC709 screen, the new HDR tools allow you to do more than just display an HDR signal. The HDR slider function allows you to scroll through SDR to REC709 to HDR, while the monitor displays the image with the corresponding dynamic range, in essence, allowing you to preview your uncorrected footage on a variety of displays. The HDR slider is also linked dynamically to the yellow HDR graticule line on the waveform display, which shows you when it will clip. You don’t just get to see the advantages displayed in a normal color space that a log image brings you, you can see how much more detail you will have to work at when shooting/recording those log images.

Beyond the above improvements for the Shogun/Assassin and the Ninja Blade/Shogun Blade, the higher-resolution screen of the Shogun and Assassin also allows for the following functionality. Auto HDR enables you to set the correct HDR slider position automatically to display the maximum brightness, while the waveform monitor will display a percentage scale based on the input log mode. Rounding out the firmware upgrade is slow-motion playback, both forward and back.

If you have a Shogun, Assassin, Samurai, or Ninja Blade, or are thinking of picking one up, the new firmware from Atomos is just what you need to keep you gear and your images cutting edge. 

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