Atomos Shogun Inferno Fires Up On-Camera Monitoring and Recording


At 7" big, with 4K recording and monitoring (in HD) on a 10-bit screen, the Atomos Shogun Inferno is ready to handle your 4K shooting needs without breaking a sweat. The screen features 1920 x 1200 resolution for viewing images in HD, while the 7" screen provides a large image without being so large as to become obtrusive when shooting. It supports and records 4K footage up to 60 fps and HD footage up to 120 fps. The Inferno will also cross convert from HDMI to SDI and SDI to HDMI in both HD and 4K.

With a maximum 1500 cd/m² brightness, the monitor features a High Bright mode for monitoring Rec. 709 footage in exterior conditions. It features a 10-bit panel with FRC technology that supports native viewing of HDR (log) footage without needing to apply a LUT. HDR viewing does lower the monitor’s brightness levels; however, the included sun hood allows protects the Shogun Inferno’s screen from glare. 

In addition to the viewing features, the Shogun Inferno is built into protective armor with silicone-covered corners to better withstand the rigors of the daily production grind. It also accepts two L-series batteries for power and supports hot-swapping the batteries. Audio is not forgotten, since the unit supports two 3-pin XLR inputs and Phantom power through a breakout cable. It captures to SSD/HDD drives within the included Master Caddies II and comes with a hard case to protect your gear during transport and storage.

4K material is viewed as HD on the screen. UHD 4K material can be captured in either ProRes or DNxHR at up to 60 fps, for your choice of recording codecs. It will also support 4K raw recording over from SDI from Sony FS700, Sony FS7, Canon C300 Mark II, and Canon C500. 

For all-around viewing, recording, and output of HD and 4K footage, either through HDMI or SDI inputs and outputs, the Shogun Inferno is ready to be your go-to choice for your production monitoring and recording needs.

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This Inferno model has the dual SDI inputs needed to take advantage of high frame rates from the Sony F3 and Canon C500, and yet it does not support either. Only single link. Seems a big waste of potential. At the current time its feature set is not that enhanced than the lower priced Flame model.