Blackmagic Announces ATEM Mini Pro Switcher


Fittingly announced via a livestream, Blackmagic Design has introduced their newest multicamera tool—the ATEM Mini Pro HDMI Live Stream Switcher—as well as updates for the Pocket Cinema Camera 6K/4K, the ATEM Mini, and the Hyperdeck Studio Mini. With NAB 2020 replaced by virtual product releases straight to the comfort of your home and the general increase in livestreaming, the 4-channel ATEM Mini Pro's streaming capability will prove to be an even more valuable production tool than before.

Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Pro front and rear
Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Pro front and rear.

ATEM Mini Pro

Building on the all-in-one switcher and control panel design of the original ATEM Mini, the ATEM Mini Pro adds multiple new features, including studio-style control for the popular Pocket Cinema 6K/4K Cameras, simultaneous streaming and recording via a USB connection, and a multi-viewer window output. It incorporates a hardware encoder for streaming, negating the need for separate streaming software; a timecode generator for syncing multi-camera productions; and quick-button streaming, on-air, and record options.

Features retained from the original ATEM Mini include four HDMI inputs for cameras, computers, or gaming consoles, HDMI output, DVE effects like PiP, advanced chroma-keying, upstream and downstream keyers, audio controls, and a choice between direct cutting and Program/Preview style switching.

BMPCC6K/4K Compatibility

Pocket Cinema 6K/4K Camera functions include camera settings, lens control, iris control, ISO selection, camera matching, and DaVinci Primary Color correction. Pro broadcast-style Preview/Program switching has been upgraded with corresponding green and red tally light functions that are especially reassuring to your on-air talent, technical director, and camera operators.

A menu overlay displays the Preview and Program status on the camera EVF for the operator. These new BMPCC 6K/4K features are integrated in the new ATEM Mini Pro and are available in the original ATEM Mini with the latest upgrade. Use this BMPCC 6K/4K and ATEM Mini Pro combo to stream in HD while recording a high-resolution master for editing later.

Integrated Hardware Streaming Engine

The ATEM Mini Pro's hardware streaming engine is built in, providing a more reliable stream than that generated when routed through your computer. Your Program output is directly encoded to the streamer codec, eliminating a double-encoding process. The ATEM Mini Pro can stream using the Ethernet cable used for control with Wi-Fi provided by your computer; this frees up the switcher's USB port for recording. Streaming features include selectable data and frame rates, customizable XML files, and video memory caching to prevent interruptions. 

Versatile Recording Options

Use the USB port to link to a Blackmagic MultiDock for hot swap disk recording of longer events, or use a thumb drive for shorter recordings. H.264/AAC recording makes it easy to quickly upload to YouTube or another streaming service.


A boon for a single operator controlling multiple cameras or for any switcher, the Multiview display features large status indicators, camera, Preview, and Program window, Program and Preview tally indicators, and audio monitoring.

Check out the ATEM Mini Pro on the B&H Photo Video website or stop by the B&H SuperStore when possible for updates on these latest Blackmagic Design products.

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