Easy 3D Capture for All with the Matterport Axis Smartphone Mount


Realtors, contractors, and DIY homeowners now have a new tool for documenting existing spaces or updates to ongoing projects in 3D/360˚ form. Introducing the Axis Capture Assist Motor Mount―Matterport’s cost-effective capture option that uses your smartphone, opening the 3D “walk-through” virtual-tour process door to small/medium business owners, such as independent realtors, smaller retailers, and part-time vacation rental hosts. For larger enterprises, the Axis mount offers a convenient way for multiple employees to share individual branch details or frequent updates on ongoing projects.

Axis Capture Assist Motor Mount
Axis Capture Assist Motor Mount

3D Tours Using Your Own Smartphone

Nothing draws in a client like the “you are here” feeling of a 3D tour, and the Axis mount delivers by enabling 3D capture at the touch of a button. Unlike existing stand-alone 3D cameras that general users might find hard to operate, the Axis uses your own iOS or Android phone to make 3D capture as easy as snapping photos. Do note, though, that the Axis is for use with smartphones only, not iOS or Android tablets. After capturing multiple photos, you send your images to Matterport and they are returned in the form of a 3D “dollhouse” tour, complete with floor plans, links to additional photos, and multiple floor levels if applicable. Based on our experience with existing Matterport cameras, the capture app will do all the image assembly for you, which is a boon for novices but also lacks some of the image tweaking offered by some advanced 3D camera systems.

The motorized Axis smartphone mount rotates to automate the 3D scanning process, providing a step up from handheld mobile capture. The Axis mount features horizontal and vertical adjustment with scaled markings for precise alignment and a 3/8"-16 thread with a 3/8"-16 to ¼"-20 adapter for mounting on a variety of tripods, adding stability to your scans.

Kit Options

The Axis is currently offered in two bundles, the Basic Kit and the Starter Bundle. Both include the Axis Mount, a Matterport Tripod, a one-year service plan, a remote control, and a ¼"-20 adapter. Designed for those dipping a toe into the 3D tour world, the Basic Kit’s plan provides up to two active spaces for one or two users, making it perfect for owners of one or two vacation homes, or smaller contractors. The Starter Bundle offers up to five active spaces for up to two users, letting realtors swap out tours of their listings based on what’s most popular that day or week.

Matterport for Mobile Capture App

The Axis mount works with the Matterport for Mobile Capture app for iOS and Android. This app supports all capture motion types, including Lidar, simple, and complete scans, enabling you to choose from basic to more advanced options and to update the software as it evolves. The capture app features direct integration with platforms like Zillow, Realtor.com, and Google Maps Street View, letting you display your tours on the most popular interfaces.

Pro Alternative

When you’re ready to upgrade your 3D capture, check out Matterport’s MC250 Pro2 Professional 3D Camera, also available in a kit with a Manfrotto Tripod and a kit with a Manfrotto Tripod & LED light. The MC250 Pro2 itself offers higher resolution than your smartphone and it can be used with the optional Leica BLK360 3D camera for even greater detail and a larger capture area.

If you can envision 3D tours as a helpful aid for your clients, use the Matterport Axis to turn your ever-present smartphone into a convenient and quick interface for adding high-quality imaging to your workflow.

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