Filmmakers Rejoice! 5D Mark IV with Canon Log Now Available


Shortly after Canon announced the 5D Mark IV, the company followed up with an optional upgrade for video shooters who wanted to access Canon Log. Now, Canon is making a 5D Mark IV available with Canon Log pre-installed, allowing filmmakers to have the tools they need immediately at their disposal. For those curious about the feature, Canon Log is an advanced profile that helps boost the dynamic range of recorded video to about 800%, or 12 stops. It works by capturing an extremely flat image that ensures more details are retained in the shadows and highlights.

For operation, the 5D Mark IV must have Canon Log turned on, which then recommends a sensitivity of ISO 400 or higher to maximize dynamic range, though lower ISOs are still available. Users will then be able to use a View Assist function with one of two Look Up Tables, or LUTs, that will ensure a more accurate representation of a graded image. The options are for Canon Log 10 to Wide DR, which presents an image with preserved detail in the highlights and shadows, and Canon Log 10 to ITU-R BT.709, which shows the image in a more conventional Rec. 709 color space. There are also options for dialing in more exact settings within the profile, including adjustments to sharpness, saturation, and hue. Canon Log works in all modes including DCI 4K recording and in High Frame Rate.

If you already purchased a 5D Mark IV and would like to have Canon Log installed, you can contact Canon directly and arrange for the upgrade to be performed at a Canon Factory Service Center.


Rejoice? I don't think so. 5D Mark IV now with Canon Log, 6D Mark II no 4K, too little to late. Waiting to see if 4k is here to stay? Why don't you listen to your customers. I have a fortune in Canon glass that is holding me hostage. That may soon change.

Canon is not thinking well , Canon .. when you will start to hear your custumers?

As an ex-Canon user, the MkIV is why I moved to Panasonic. upgrade to Log by sending into factory? WTF? no 4k out? Motion JPEG? I loved the MKIII for stills but Canon forgot that the reason I bought a C100 was because I was shooting video, Mov format, on my 5d. no longer. The 5d is gone, c100 is next. Canon, get rid of motion jpeg!  give your customers what they want!

Aside from its wide angle-killing x 1.74 enlargement factor, motion JPEG formatting and lack of 4K output for offboard recording, the lack of V-log in this 5D IV that I purchased was just one of the reasons I've moved away from Canon for video capture. Canon is simply too concerned about its profit margins to care about providing its pro users with the tools they really want and need in DSLRs. Their competitors however, have been all too happy to fill that niche, and more. So sad to see Canon go from being the 'innovator', to becoming such a regressive 'iterator', when they had the chance to remain a market leader for years to come.

Exactly! I agree 100% with you. Canon has been entered in a just commercial loop without care of customers that have been for years like me...

You have to go INTO a Canon service center/send it in to get C-Log?! And I thought getting V-Log for my GH5 was a silly process...

They should have just added 4K to the C100 mark ii.

Too late Canon. You thought you can teach us buying video cams instead of dslrs. You did let small budget videographers down when introducing the mark iv and bringing the vlog-feature now is a very cheap way to say sorry. Could it be that the mark IV does not sell that well, so you're doing this step? Well, I already switched to different brands and even sold off all(!) of my Canon L lenses.

sdfasdf wrote:

What a joke.


I'm missiong the punchline apparantly, What'sthe joke?

The joke is the absolutely horrendous rolling shutter and 1.7 crop factor on a full-size sensor when shooting in 4K. Unless they fixed the rolling shutter (they haven't to my knowledge), you can have 50 stops of dynamic range and it won't make the footage any smoother. Jello footage is jello footage no matter how many stops of DR you have.

Mark IV is a great studio camera, but wish I purchased a MK III instead, since 4K video is practically useless with the MK IV and was one of the main reasons I purchased the camera. Will wait at least 6 months after a new model comes out before purchasing another brand new body. Lesson learned. Thanks Canon.

Damion, can you explain why the 4K is usless with the MK IV?  Thanks!

BKPmax: Have you tried shooting anything in 4K that moves (has motion) with the 5D MKIV? Do you know what rolling shutter is and how it gives videos a very jello effect? May be okay for shooting cityscapes and landscapes and things that don't move much, but that's what I'm interested in. Regular HD seems fine on that camera, but 4K is totally useless unless you can prove me wrong. I'd love to be proved wrong, but rolling shutter is rolling shutter.

..I have a Sony A7S2, and was disappointed with the dynamic range when I got my M4—I had no idea how much the Sony had spoiled me. It's hard for Canon to keep up with Sony apparently. This is a nice upgrade..a pain to get it done, but nice. If there is a cost, I may revisit this comment...