Form-Fitting Movcam Cage and Rig Accessories fit Sony a7 II Series Cameras


Movcam follows up its well-regarded a7S Cage with a new Cage, designed to fit the Sony a7 II series camera bodies. Serving as the foundation point of your rig, the form-fitting camera cage provides a durable aluminum frame around your camera to protect it from bumps and bruises while shooting, while adding the necessary attachment points to build up your rig. Mounting points include ¼"-20 threaded holes on all sides and a shoe mount on top of the cage. Like the a7S cage, the a7 II series cage allows access to all camera controls and functionality, and it is compatible with the same quick release riser block and LWS 15mm baseplate.

The cage is available individually or as a kit, complete with the riser block and base plate, as well as a bolt-on top handle that adds additional accessory threads, a shoe mount, and a horizontal 15mm rod port useful for mounting a monitor or EVF. Additionally, you can opt to go for a new rotating top handle that attaches via an included rail, allowing you to quickly remove and attach it. If you want to up your game even further, the handle is also available with an integrated LANC control input for Record Start/Stop control, using a red button on the side of the handle.