Grab a Hold of 6K Production with the Kinefinity MAVO Edge 6K


Kinefinity has long been an upstart and disruptor, with its balance of design, features, and price, and their new camera the Kinefinity MAVO Edge 6K expands its lineup. The MAVO Edge 6K will be available as a Space Gray Standard and a Raw Steel Cyber edition. The MAVO Edge 6K is a Full-Frame 6K camera featuring a sensor with Dual Native ISO of 800 and 5120, spanning the range from daylight filming and interior, to shooting night exteriors that let you accent the ambient light sources with a smaller lighting package. Combine the Dual Native ISOs with the full-frame sensor’s 14 stops of latitude and you may well find yourself able to make cinematic images successfully in situations that previously would have you end up with muddy images requiring costly post-production to save. The internal NDs allow you to change ND filters without having to stop to mount or remove filters from a matte box and they also allow you to keep your stop the same for consistent exposures and depth of field even in rapidly changing conditions.

The MAVO Edge 6K in Raw-Steel colored Standard (Left) and a Space Gray Cyber edition (Right).

The MAVO Edge 6K in Raw Steel Cyber (left) and a Space Gray Standard edition (right)

This new aluminum camera features the same body size as the carbon fiber Edge 8K, which will make it easy for operators to get used to the new camera quickly. Since it also employs the KineMOUNT, you can easily share lenses and lens-mount adapters. However, the MAVO Edge 6K is not just a B camera. It is a fully capable A camera for your productions, ready for you to create your own style of images in stunning 6K at frame rates up to 112 fps in S35 4K DCI / UHD 4K, and up to 75 fps in FF 6K Wide (6016 x 3172). Open Gate full-frame 6K covering the entire sensor tops out at 48 fps, which is pretty impressive.

As you might expect from a Digital Cine Camera, you can crop the sensor to full-frame, Super35, or Super16, in addition to shooting Full-Frame Open Gate. The camera features two media slots for dedicated KineMag nano SSD’s, which are based on NVME M.2 SSD and, at the release date, the MAVO Edge 6K can record to a variety of ProRes formats at 12- or 10-bit color depth for a robust image file that has lots of room for post manipulation to squeeze the most from the image. Kinefinity promises an uncompressed Cinema DNG firmware update will be available soon. The camera body will be available in the two finishes mentioned above, and in packages that include a monitor, a variety of batteries, and media. For more information on Kinefinity, visit the B&H Photo Website.

Is this new 6K video camera from Kinefinity impressive to you? Is it a piece of tech that will improve the look of your footage or enhance your workflow? Tell us why or why not in the Comments section, below.