Just Announced: Insta360 EVO Ultra-Compact Folding 360 VR & 3D Camera


Just announced, the Insta360 EVO is a foldable ultra-compact camera that captures 360-degree spherical VR images when folded closed, and 180-degree 3D images when open. When folded, the EVO has a sleek, square form and provides a lens on the front and back, allowing you to shoot immersive 360-degree videos and photos. It measures about 2 x 2 x 2" in this mode, small enough to keep in just about any pocket. For 3D mode, the rear half of the camera swings around and locks into place, and the EVO then has two front-facing lenses that capture side-by-side images, which is what 3D is all about. Your 360 and 3D images can then easily be streamed and shared on social media via the Insta360 mobile app. The folding design is something different from Insta360, something different altogether. The EVO shoots up to 5.7K video and 18MP photos with image stabilization and stores to a microSD card.