NAB 2019: Anton Bauer Titon Series: Batteries in a Basic, More Streamlined Form


Anton Bauer adds to its long history of powerful battery models, such as the CINE, Digital, and Dionic lines, with the new Titon line of Li-Ion batteries, which includes the 92Wh Titon 90 in Gold mount and V-mount models, and the 156Wh Titon 150, also in Gold mount and V-mount models. The Titon line isn't so much a redesign as it is a return to the basics. What the Titons offer is safe, pure lithium-ion power at less of a hit to your budget.

Sometimes simplicity is all you need on a shoot. Titon batteries provide compact, lightweight, mobile power that survives virtually any production environment to power your cine camera, DSLR, mirrorless, 14.4V cameras, or LED lights. Both models feature 10A constant current and can boost temporarily to 12.5A for sudden load bursts. All four Titons feature a D-Tap and USB output to power your gear, and they have an easy-to-read LCD screen that displays remaining battery life to the minute. The Titon line is compatible with most common Gold and V-mount chargers and all Anton Bauer Dual or Quad LP or Performance chargers and previous models.