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At last, Sigma is adding Canon RF-mount lenses to its portfolio and is beginning with a fast zoom for APS-C cameras, the compact and versatile 18-50mm f/2.8 DC DN Contemporary zoom. This portable standard zoom provides a wide-angle to portrait-length range, bright f/2.8 constant maximum aperture, and is a perfect companion for everyday shooting, regardless if you're photographing portraits, events, street subjects, landscapes, or
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SIGMA has recently released two new lenses, the 65mm T1.5 FF HS Cine Prime and the 65mm T2.5 Classic Prime. These lenses offer filmmakers and videographers an eleventh option in both of SIGMA’s Cine Prime lineups.
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DZOFilm has rounded out its Gnosis Macro Prime series with the new Gnosis 24mm T2.8 Macro Lens, available with imperial or metric focus markings to create one cohesive range for wide-angle, macro-focused shots. The 24mm lens itself, like others in the series, has a built-in ARRI LPL-mount with PL and EF-mount adapters to
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Should you use manual focus or autofocus when shooting video? Using the Canon C70, Nick Brigadier tests various shots, such as the whip pan and tracking shot, to see which type of focus provides better results. 0:00 - Introduction 0:40 - Test 1 3:27 - Test 2 5:38 - Test 3 7:43 - Test 4 9:26 - When to Use Auto vs. Manual Focus
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There’s no denying that 2022 was a light year for Nikon lens releases, with only three new lenses coming to fruition. But the three optics Nikon did release are exciting, bring a lot of overall value to the Z system, and hopefully foreshadow some pretty big things to come for the system. Nikon played catch-up in the early part of the year, working to keep up with demand after the Z9 release, in late 2021. The second half of the year, however, saw Nikon cater to the versatility of its flagship with a pair of super-telephoto releases, along with
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With its mirrorless RF system beginning to mature, Canon spent 2022 adding some more distinct optics to the lineup, as well as beginning to lay the foundation for an APS-C-specific series of lenses. The brand has reached a unique place with its mirrorless portfolio this year, and has hit the thirty-lens milestone, where the lineup feels well-rounded enough for most professional and hobbyist demands, although there are still some missing pieces for more specialized applications. RF 800mm f/5.6 L IS USM and RF 1200mm f/8 L IS USM At the
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It’s difficult to improve upon a classic, but Leica has done it with the latest Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH. lens. This updated version of the fast wide-angle prime sees the lens move into a more contemporary field in which Leica acknowledges how its lenses are being used in the digital era and opens up the M lens evolution for more versatility. 
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Professional photography Tony Gale is back with an in-depth guide to camera and lens buying, specifically for Sony cameras and lenses. What is the difference between a full frame vs. crop sensor? Should you get a prime or zoom, wide angle or telephoto? What type of lens is perfect for wildlife, portraits, street photography, etc.? Gale answers all these questions and more! Are you a Sony fan? Use the Comments section below to share with us what’s in your kit.
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What is the best lens focal length for photographing the total solar eclipse? Well, there really isn’t a correct answer to that question. There are many factors involved, so let’s outline some options for different types of cameras and budgets. Above: The Hinode satellite X-ray telescope mission captures the January 6, 2011 solar eclipse. © JAXA/NASA. Expedition 43 Flight Engineer Samantha Cristoforetti took a series of photographs
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The G Masters have finally arrived, and definitely deliver on their promises of outstanding sharpness, creamy bokeh, and durable, ergonomic construction. Starting off this new high-end series are the much desired FE 85mm f/1.4 GM and FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM, each filling a gap in the professional lens lineup. And, thanks to Sony, we were given