New DJI/Hasselblad Aerial Imaging Solution; Zenmuse Z3 Gimbal Camera


There never seems to be a dull moment in the world of aerial photography and video. DJI is bringing two new products to market, both of which expand the horizons and possibilities for aerial imaging.

M600 A5D Bundle

A collaboration between DJI and Hasselblad has yielded the M600 A5D Aerial Photography Bundle. Leveraging the 50-megapixel prowess of the A5D medium-format camera with a 50mm wide-angle lens from Hasselblad and integrating it into a DJI Matrice 600 aerial platform, this bundle can be used for professional-grade aerial photography, surveying, and mapping applications.

The A5D camera’s medium-format sensor, which is around twice the size of a traditional 35mm-camera sensor found in most professional DSLR cameras, offers rich colors and a wide dynamic range unprecedented in aerial photography. The 50mm lens provides a wide-angle field of view similar to that of a 35mm lens on a full-frame 35mm camera.

Zenmuse Z3 Gimbal Camera

DJI also announced a new camera for its Inspire- and Matrice-series aerial platforms. Featuring a similar design to the Zenmuse X3, with the same video-recording features, the Zenmuse Z3 Camera Gimbal differs in that it offers a 3.5x optical zoom range from 22-77mm (full-frame 35mm equivalent FOV) in 4K resolutions and an expanded 7x total zoom range at HD resolutions. The zoom functionality is completely integrated into the DJI GO app and Remote Controller. With the Z3, filmmakers are afforded more focal-length options for their compositions and surveyors can examine infrastructure more closely, while the UAS remains at a safer distance.
DJI Zenmuse Z3 4K Gimbal Camera

Since it uses similar internal and external hardware to the X3, it can be easily swapped with a DJI platform carrying an X3. Its electronics seamlessly integrate with Lightbridge, which provides HD video transmissions from distances up to 3.1 miles.

Both the M600 A5D bundle and Zenmuse Z3 are slated to be available soon. Please check the B&H website for more product information, availability, and purchase options.


Most potential aerial photography clients are excited about R/C aircraft photography, because they believe it will cost a lot less than hiring a real aerial photographer. With the costs of owning expensive equipment like this, there can't be any competitive job pricing. The clients would do better to hire real aerial photographers that aren't limited to 400'. If they're going to pay the price anyway, why not pay for, and get the real thing?

by law we still need our pilots licenses to fly these bad boys for commercial purposes. I would recomend diversifying your portfolio, we are always looking for good pilots. 

Crashing this into the ocean or anywhere would be a major bummer, do they offer crash and flyaway insurance on these?

And the bitrate for the Z3? Most of us would gladly shell out the dough for 100 mbs and have the zoom as icing on the cake. 

Hi Sean  -

The  Maximum Bitrate: 60 Mbp/s.


im pretty sure optical zoom is the whole point of this your homework haha

The Zenmuse Z3 Camera Gimbal does have a 3.5X optical zoom lens.  The above was a mistake, and we have sense edited it. 

I think this DJI Matrice 600 with Hasselblad A5D ariel camera would be great!! I can get some close ups of the volcanos on Tanna Island.

At US$25,000.00+, it is very reasonably priced ariel photography!! divide $25,000.00 into US$1.2 mill for a cheap new Cessna!! Even a good s/hand one costs US$300,000.00!! So that is 10 DJI 600s!!

I am not sure of the editing here: "we have sense edited it." comment by Christina, 4 months ago.