New Feiyu G6 Max, AK2000S, Vimble Handheld Gimbals, QING Motion Control System


Prepare to make some choices for your next camera stabilizer, because Feiyu has just introduced three new handheld gimbal models, as well as a new pan-and-tilt head called the QING. Launching exclusively at B&H, the QING heavy-duty gimbal head supports rigs up to 7 lb and mounts on a tripod to provide stabilized and motorized pan and tilt motion. The new 3-axis gimbal stabilizers range from the Vimble 2S that supports smartphones and the Vimble 2A for small action cameras, to the G6 Max gimbal that supports cameras up to 2.6 lb, all the way to the professional-level AK2000S that supports up to 4.9 lb; and the AK2000S even comes in an Advanced kit with a follow focus.

The QING motion control gimbal head features solid, heavy-duty construction, a quick-release plate, and a base that mounts on a tripod. The head can be managed wirelessly with an included remote control, and it features a 360° pan and 60° tilt range with infrared tracking to follow your subjects. Supporting rigs up to 7 lb, the QING adds time-lapse and panorama functions to your production in a portable, lightweight package, and its gimbal can auto-stabilize your camera in a snap.

Feiyu QING Motion Control Device
Feiyu QING Motion Control Device

The Vimble's sleek, narrow design provides a lightweight option for your action camera or smartphone, and each model features a handy, internal telescoping extension rod that acts similarly to a selfie stick when you need a little extra reach for your shots. Weighing less than a pound and supporting maximum payloads of less than half a pound, the Vimble 2A and 2S will not require a great amount of arm strength to maneuver. The Vimble 2S supports iOS and Android smartphones, and the 2A supports action cameras such as the GoPro HERO7, 6, or 5. Both gimbals feature a battery life of up to 10 hours, which can last a whole shooting day or longer, since they can be charged with an optional power bank while shooting.

Feiyu Vimble 2S Telescoping 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal for Smartphones
Feiyu Vimble 2S

Updated from the G6 Plus, the next step up the gimbal line is the G6 Max, which supports small cameras up to 2.6 lb and provides several gimbal modes such as "Inception" mode, selfie mode, and even vertical mode to record for popular social media sites. Depending on your camera model and what external control it supports, you can connect your camera to the gimbal with a USB cable and control record, focus, zoom, and other camera-supported functions. It sports a larger, clearer OLED screen than its predecessor, and provides a quick-release plate for fast camera swaps.

Feiyu G6 Max 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer 3-in-1
Feiyu G6 Max

Finally, in the professional gimbal category is the update to the AK2000, the AK2000S, which supports mirrorless and DSLR cameras up to 4.9 lb. The AK2000S has an impressive battery life of up to 14 hours, and the motor has been improved to provide near-instant startup. It comes in two versions: the Standard version and the Advanced kit that includes a follow focus.

Feiyu AK2000S 3-Axis Handheld Stabilizer Standard Kit
Feiyu AK2000S

Check out the Vimble, AK2000S, and QING on the B&H Photo Website, or swing by the B&H SuperStore when you’re in New York City.