New Zacuto Lens Support System


Zacuto announced its new and novel lens support system for use with Canon Cinema EOS Prime Lenses, Compact Zooms, and Zeiss CP.2 prime lenses in EOS mount. The system locks the camera and lens securely to your baseplate, providing support and stability, while still allowing you to swap lenses in about the same amount of time as if you were not using a lens support.

The lens support system consists of the rod support and the lens “foot.” The system works with a variety of cameras in Canon EF mount, including most DSLRs and the Canon Cinema EOS Cameras. The rod support mounts on LWS support rods, and provides a machined channel or “hook” into which the lens support foot slides, thus supporting the lens on the rods. The system allows you to support the above mentioned heavy cinema-style lenses on your camera, but without using a screw-in lens support, which can be difficult and time consuming to set up.

The support foot itself is designed to mount on each lens, becoming a part of the lens, yet adding little to the size of the lens itself. It is important to note that you will need one foot for each lens, and that the support foot for the Canon and Zeiss lenses are different. You can use the support hook with baseplates that feature adjustable rod heights, for use with different cameras. The rod support itself also features height adjustment for baseplates that don't have height-adjustment capability. Once the lens feet are mounted on the lenses, you can swap Canon Cine Primes and Zeiss CP.2 lenses between the same camera body without making any further adjustments to the support hook.


I think I am interested in this system for my canon 5 d mark three. I especially would like to use it for zeiss 135mm f2. I am trying to understand how it screws into the lens.

Thanks Jeri

The Canon Cine and Zeiss CP.2 lenses have threads on the bottom that allow one to screw in a lens support.  Unfortunately, this is not a feature of the Zeiss photo lenses, such as the 135mm f/2 ZE or ZF.2.  So, you would not be able to use the Zacuto Lens support with that lens.  There are other lens support options that would be compatible, though.  You can find those if you Click Here.