Rokinon Releases a New Xeen Lens: the 135mm



Expanding the Xeen focal-length range to include a 135mm has been in the cards since Rokinon first released the Xeen series, which already includes a 14mm24mm35mm50mm, and 85mm. However, just because it is a little late to the party doesn’t mean the 135mm will stand out like a mid-semester transfer student. As with all the other Xeen lenses, it covers the full frame and is available in a variety of mounts: Canon EFNikon FSony-EARRI-PL, and MFT.

Representing a cinema-style collection, the Xeen lenses feature integrated focus and iris gears, dual focus scales (one on each side of the lens), and 200° of focus rotation for precise focus pulls without having to over-rotate your wrist. They also share a 114mm front diameter with the other Xeen focal lengths, which combined with the common gear positions, makes for rapid lens changes—you don’t have to reset your accessories or matte box when you change lenses. The internal focus design also helps minimize focus breathing, so your audience won’t be distracted by a long focus pull.

As with the other lenses in the set (except the 14mm), the 135mm uses an 11-blade iris to produce natural-looking bokeh and round, out-of-focus highlights. It is worth noting that all Xeen lenses are color calibrated to a standard in the factory, and the 135mm is no different, with its color and contrast matched to that standard. This means you don’t have to worry about a color shift when cutting between the 135mm and any prior Xeen lenses you may own. So, if you are looking to expand your set of Xeen lenses, or even start assembling a lens package, the Xeen 135mm is an exciting new addition to this well-received cinema lens set.