The Exceptional Range of Cooke’s Varotal Full-Frame Zooms


Enjoy the beautiful “Cooke Look” that has long been sought after by DPs and filmmakers over the decades, with your full frame camera. Covering an expansive range, the 30-95mm and 85-215mm Varotal cinema zoom lenses are designed to match the renowned Cooke S7/i primes. This allows you to intercut seamlessly between the zooms and prime, or cover your focal-length range from wide to long with just these two lenses. Move and compose more fluidly within each lens’s focal-length range―without having to change lenses when you need a slightly different focal length. Designed to be used with digital cinema and film cameras, Cooke has continued its tradition of precision and excellence, increasing the coverage for full-frame cameras in a trim and relatively compact form, without sacrificing the quality and beauty of the images the lenses can make.

Cooke Varotal/i Full Frame Zoom Lenses
Cooke Varotal/i Full Frame Zoom Lenses

With a close focus distance of under 5', you can use these zooms on a set or location without requiring diopters to keep your talent in focus. The minimum aperture of T2.9 that the zooms share produces natural-looking bokeh without the focus being so narrow as to have your talent buzz out of focus just by breathing. Though rooted in Cooke’s long cinematic history, these lenses are fully modern, with a hardened PL mount that supports the exacting tolerances required for the sharpest cinematography and lens metadata available via Cooke’s own /i Technology, suitable for a variety of post and VFX uses. Industry-standard 0.8 MOD gear rings allow you to use manual follow focus units, or lens motors to control focus, iris, and zoom.

The Cooke Varotal zoom lenses, with their beautifully organic, yet sharp image quality, robust build, and modern information-sharing technology, are suitable for use on films ranging from small and intimate to big-budget effects extravaganzas.

Are you ready for the new Cooke zooms? Do you have a favorite zoom range? Please share your thoughts and experiences with Cooke lenses or the new zooms in the Comments section, below.