The ikan EC1 Beholder Ups the Game on Motorized Stabilizers


The iKan EC1 Beholder improves upon the earlier Beholder DS1 with a variety of new features. First, the EC1 Beholder supports up to 4.5 pounds, expanding the range of cameras that you can support. However, it isn’t just the increased range of cameras that makes the EC1 Beholder such an improvement—it is the improvement of certain features. Along with the increased weight capacity, the balance plate has been redesigned, and it now features a quick-release mechanism. This means you can mount, balance, and unmount your camera faster.

Even more exciting is that the motors feature 360 degrees of rotation, so no more feelings of dread about hitting hard stops while panning or tilting with your subject, just the freedom to operate the way you need to while the camera stays stabilized. The joystick is still built into the handgrip, and it still allows you to smoothly control tilt and pan so you can adjust your camera’s position without interrupting the shot. If you need to operate inverted, not to worry—the EC1 Beholder can handle it. A new feature is dual ¼"-20 mounting screws on the sides of the handle, useful for mounting accessories, and for further flexibility you can operate with the handle inverted.

Perhaps the most interesting improvement on the EC1 Beholder is the new shooting mode. In addition to the standard modes—lock and 1-, 2-, and 3-axis follow modes, there is now a point-and-lock mode that allows you to aim the camera where you want it to point, and then engage the stabilizer to hold the camera where you pointed it. This can speed up finding and getting your shot. The 32-bit controller and 12-bit encoder combine with a new algorithm to provide precision operation and extended battery life. These many improvements make the new ikan EC1 Beholder a powerful production tool for stabilized shooting.