B&H Photo Video Pro Audio Passport Program


B&H is proud to make available to our customers  the services of A&I ,considered one of the finest photographic and digital labs in the USA for more than 20 years.

The quality of the final image depends heavily on the quality of the photographic or digital lab. With this premise in mind, our choice of A&I reflects this essential relationship, to guarantee you, the photographer, the best results available.

Simply ask us for your B&H/A&I Passport, no fee and no purchase necessary. We will send you your Passport and your unique Passport number. To activate your Passport or if you have any questions regarding services available Call 888-666-5199 toll free. You will immediately begin receiving a 5% discount off A&I's regular listed prices of all photo and digital services.

Remember, you must be a B&H Passport Member to be eligible for these exclusive savings!

To order the free passport program call 800-606-6969 ext. 61 or Email request to photo@bhphotovideo.com refer to item number (AIP)

Passport Program 
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