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Choosing Presentation Supplies for Photo Display

Putting your favorite pictures on display, or preserving them for posterity and future generations to cherish, requires the right presentation supplies. Protecting photographic paper slows down the deterioration process and makes sure that colors and details remain vibrant and clear, even years later. Professional photographers and artists can also find the supplies and accessories they need to keep their portfolios in presentable condition.

Placing Pictures in Albums and Scrapbooks

Photo albums often feature pages either with picture slots for individual snapshots, or pages with peel-back plastic to act as a covering and protective laminating film. These pages allow for creating a customized photo layout on each side. When you run out of room for pictures, adding album refill pages increases the available space. Using acid-free pages keeps pictures preserved longer, and these often feature punched holes for compatibility with most photo albums or scrapbooks.

Framing Photos and Other Prints

There's a wide selection of frames, both for sitting on desks or tables and for mounting on walls. These feature hard backings that keep pictures in place and ensure they stay level. Dry mountings are another option for showing larger photos or posters and other prints. They involve coating a board with adhesive and pressing the print into place, where it stays up without wrinkling. The process usually involves a heated press. Self-adhesive mounting boards are available as well. For non-hard-copy photos, digital picture frames and albums offer a convenient way to show multiple images in a single location.

Displaying and Transporting Professional Portfolios

Graphic designers and other artists can easily and safely store and transport their work inside portfolio cases. They offer convenient features such as top-loading openings for easy print insertion and removal, as well as carrying handles and large sizes to accommodate bigger prints. They're also made of high-quality materials such as acid-free polypropylene. Ring-bound book display portfolios let you flip through pages to show work samples to prospective clients.

Keeping Photos Preserved in Archives

Some photos as well as other documents need to stay in storage for long periods. The right folders, binders, boxes, and other storage options provide protection against temperature extremes as well as dust and other environmental elements. There are boxes for shipping, and boxes designed for holding specific types of photos, such as slides or photographic negatives. Triangular boxes hold large poster prints when they're rolled up into cylinders.

Whether you're placing photos into an album for a family gift or putting them on the wall for display in a studio, B&H Photo and Video has the presentation supplies you need to make your images look their best.