Used Camcorders & Cameras

Learning About Used Camcorders and Cameras

When it's time to leave your cell phone camera behind and move to higher-quality video equipment, consider used camcorders and cameras. Professionally cleaned and inspected items can give you high-level results at entry level prices without sacrificing quality. Whether you're adding to your existing camera inventory or taking your first steps into videography, there are value-priced used cameras and camera accessories to help you do it.

Types of Camcorders and Video Cameras

With modern digital technology, most consumer cameras that take still photographs also shoot video. With good lighting and accessories such as used video tripods with heads, your digital camera can produce videos similar in quality to those made with specialized video cameras. If you don't need still photos, or you prefer the convenience of a handheld model, a camcorder is for you. These compact video cameras are meant solely to record video, although they are capable of taking still shots as well. They're comfortable to hold, have screens that you can adjust for the best recording angle, and have more video storage capacity than most digital cameras.

Professional video cameras are larger versions of camcorders, with imaging chips, low light capability, and other advanced features. This is where buying used is an especially good plan, as these specialized items can cost thousands of dollars. Go the professional route if you already have expertise as a videographer or are planning to learn. A happy medium between used consumer camcorders and professional cameras are prosumer camcorders, which are less complicated but still feature-rich.

POV cameras record the action directly in front of the photographer, and you can wear them attached to a helmet. These are great for sports enthusiasts and anyone who wants to keep their hands free.

Choosing Used Camcorders and Used Professional Video Cameras

As with investing in new equipment, know how you're going to use your item, what features you need, and what models best meet your requirements. After that, there are some specific areas to consider with used products. Look for a warranty. This could either be time remaining on the original manufacturer's warranty or it could be a new warranty offered by the seller. Pre-owned items come in many conditions, and the better the condition, the greater the cost. However, you may be willing to trade some cosmetic blemishes for better features. Some parts and accessories for older model cameras may no longer be available. Look for a used item that comes with products such as replacement lenses, batteries, or other camera accessories.

Used camcorders and cameras are available in a range of sizes, prices, and types. Acquiring them used allows you to try out something new to you, or build your collection with less expense. Visit B&H Photo and Video, where you'll find the used pro and prosumer camcorders you need.