Asus Notebooks & Tablets

About ASUS Notebooks and Tablets

There are many ASUS notebooks and tablets to choose from, depending on your needs. Whether you're a gamer, a student, or a working professional, there's a notebook or tablet that's right for you.

ASUS Tablets

ASUS offers 2-in-1 PCs that you can use as either a tablet or a laptop. The keyboard section features a 360° hinge so that you can flip it behind the screen for a tablet experience. ASUS VivoBooks, ZenBooks, and Transformer Books all feature this 2-in-1 system. These are also ASUS touch-screen laptops with multi-touch displays that give you the tablet feel.

ASUS Notebooks and Laptops

The ASUS ZenBook series features devices with crisp displays and lightweight designs. ASUS Chromebook Flips are perfect for most computer needs. They have a strong operating system as well, which makes them virtually impervious to viruses. If you need a larger screen with a high-quality display, choose from ASUS Chromebooks with 15-inch, 1080p screens that are great for watching movies.

If you're looking for an advanced Ultrabook, ASUS offers many models that fit the bill. For added portability, choose ASUS Ultrabooks which are thin and lightweight, while still boasting durable solid aluminum frames. These models may be small, but they're still very powerful machines with sophisticated Intel processors and USB-C ports. These features make ASUS Ultrabooks useful for college students who need sleek, compact laptops with the functionality to handle numerous tasks.

ASUS Gaming Laptops

ASUS gaming laptops operate under the brand name "ROG," or "Republic of Gamers," packing advanced graphics cards and plenty of high-performance hardware to tackle most gaming demands. These gaming laptops feature some of the most advanced hardware available, such as NVIDIA's line of GeForce graphics cards.

Even entry-level ASUS gaming laptops still boast plenty of power and RAM, with sophisticated storage options. These features should be more than enough to handle most gaming needs.

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